Outsourced Bookeeping

Accounts Payable Services

Outsource Accounts Payable Services for Small Businesses

Accounts payable is basically a record of all the money a business owes to vendors and suppliers for purchases of goods and services made on credit. With the proliferation of technology in the business and financial lexicons, it isn’t a surprise to see firms outsource accounts payable.

CPAs, Accounting Firms & Small Businesses can contact us for availing the following services:

Accounts Payable Services

  • Daily / Weekly processing of bills payable.
  • Detail aged listing for outstanding accounts payable including open invoices list.
  • Send report to us indicating which bills , do you want to pay. We shall set the requested payment in the accounting software and put the checks ready to print. Either your office prints the checks directly to local printer from accounting software or we print the checks to a pdf file and email to you. Your office will print the same without need of opening the accounting software.

The printed checks are signed and mailed from your office and you maintain full control over process and funds.

Accounts Receivable Services

  • Weekly processing of checks received and generating Aged Receivable Listing.
  • Prepare and/or helping to prepare the invoices and statements on the dates of your choice.

Advantages of our outsource accounts payable & receivable services:

  1. Streamlining the expenses – You get highly competitive rates while you don’t need to hire a dedicated team of accounts payable experts.
  2. A fair value for the services offered – Delivering the world class services encompassing the variety of different process required by you at a fair cost.
  3. Focus on core areas of growth – With our advanced outsource financial services, we give you the best service while allowing you to focus on the core areas of growth needed to give upward trajectory for the firms.