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Bookkeeping Outsourcing’s top risk that you cannot ignore…

As we all know outsourcing is a cost cutting tool in the hands of the management. Many big and small organizations looking to save money takes advantage of the attractive option. They play the trump card on the occasion of shrinking budgets. This can help the organizations to focus on their core business. But selecting a wrong outsourcing service has a laundry list full of drawbacks.

Many time it has been seen that business house hire a low-cost outsourcing service. But this may land them up with a bigger risk of poor quality of service, loss of internal data, the security issue and hidden costs and most important loss of time.

So it is better to be very much clear about your business outsourcing requirement to pick the best service. Never choose a company based on price alone. You can get a cheap cost outsourcing service, but definitely, it forces them to use cheap techniques to provide you the services in low cost which ultimately drives down the quality of their deliverables.

No wonders, you will get poor quality work from some inexpert and inexperienced hands. You cannot trust the work and instead of making more profit you will land up with a great loss.

There is no free lunch in this world. You will get for what you pay…

So do not get allured by the cost factor alone. Outsourcing bookkeeping gives you the best ever services in the field. Identify your business requirement. Do an analysis and take the decision. There is list of things other than cost which can influence your outsourcing need.

Firstly the language and cultural barrier. Communication is very important especially for distance work. Always select a company with no language issue or else there may be chances of misunderstanding and conflicts which ends up with erroneous work.

Secondly the time zone of the country. For the business houses in United States, India is the best place to outsource as they share an opposite time slot. A day in India is a night in the US. So the outsourced company can easily get their work done without wasting their day.

Thirdly the infrastructure and security level before finalizing the outsourced company care should be taken to judge the security level used for their work. There should be proper security measures for the server and the data. There should not be any unauthorized handling of business information by any unofficial person.

You will roughly find 25 percent of the outsourcing providers having a good service-delivery rate in this niche. Outsourced Bookkeeping takes care of their clients individually. We are secured, we are cost effective. You will get the best value for your money.

We operate from a tire-2 city. We manage our overhead expenditure to the minimum and try our level best to provide the world class services to our clients. If you investigate on the cost part a bit you will find the outsourcing services starts with a minimum of $3.50 to $10.00 per hour.

Beware! The lower side of the ranging cost is not always good for the health of your business.  Definitely, you can cut down your business expenditure but at a cost of messy and unorganized final work, sometimes time elapsed services and inaccurate deliverables. Ultimately you will end up with a very bad experience.

We charge $7.50 per hour. Though it seems little higher but IT IS NOT. The charges are cost effective. You will get good professional timely service with a team of Qualified Chartered Accountants. We have all the expertise to handle your business very well. You will get the best service for your money spent.

There are companies who charge even more than us. But that does not signify that you will get something greater hiring them out. Those companies operating from big (tier 1) cities, have more business overhead expenses. They need to cover higher business operating expenses which ultimately increase their charges. So use your brain and make the optimum utilization of your business money.

Think of your business requirement and do not ignore the cost as well. Do some market research. You will find Outsourced bookkeeping is the perfect blend of effective cost and best service and great. Go for it. Trust me, you will never get a chance to regret.

Outsourced Bookkeeping will save your money without compromising the quality of the work. Our services will allow you to make better decisions about expenditures and growth. We will help you to plan for the future of your company and to better ensure its success over time.

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