Effect of Howdy Modi Event on Outsourced Bookkeeping Data and Diversity

//Effect of Howdy Modi Event on Outsourced Bookkeeping Data and Diversity

Effect of Howdy Modi Event on Outsourced Bookkeeping Data and Diversity

Let’s have a glance of the Howdy Modi‘ meet that we had at the stage of NRG Stadium Houston, Texas. Yes, we are talking about the converse between India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the US President Donald Trump which was held on 22nd Sep 2019, Sunday.

The agenda of the met was India’s data and diversity.

Outsourced Bookkeeping data and diversity

The praising words of Trump about India and announcing himself as the best friend of India of White House clearly shows his intention of boosting long-term trade relationship with India.

The large Indian-American rally held in the 5000 seat stadium was the evidence of the agenda All these are done with the intention of a long-term business relationship which is going to develop between India and America very soon.

On 24th September both the leaders Modi and Donald Trump are expected to sit on a bilateral meeting to discuss various bilateral, regional and global issues. The meeting will be held in New York which may cover the issues like the trade dispute, energy deals, defence and the Afghanistan peace process.

History says America is the largest trade partner of India. Since the year 2013, both these nations are involving in 53% total imports and 34% total exports which is quite a significant national level of trade practice.

The current trade fact speaks about a total trade of 74.3 percent which constitutes 48.6 experts and 25.7 imports between America and India.

America considers India the best place to outsource its back-office trade. India is the hub for IT services for a long time. But recently India demonstrated its ability in the field of accounts and finance. America considers India as the best business partner to deal with the accounting and bookkeeping need of the US.

There are many reasons for America to outsource its accounting activity to India. Here we focus on a few…

Firstly America is a developed country and it has a high labor rate. So the cost of performing trade like office rent, maintenance cost including the cost of labor charge is high there, while India is a developing country and the labor charges in India is less.

Secondly, outsourcing the business task saves the US Company to spend on running an office including the expenses like office space rent, utility bill, expenses on office stationery and cost of documentation.

Thirdly you do not need to spend on infrastructure and technology. Just outsource the task through electronic mail or any other data transfer method. All your accounting and bookkeeping activity should be taken care of by the outsourcing service provider company.

Last but not least is the expert service you are going to get from the pool of specialized Indian accounting professionals.

The best thing on which you can take advantage is the opposite time zone. India and America have almost 12 hours of time gap. So the US Company can send work at night and get it done by the next morning while using an Indian outsourced company. Thus the American company can use its optimum production capacity without wasting time.

We the Outsourced Bookkeeping is the experts in the field of accounting. We feel the pride to serve CPA, companies, small and big organizations.  We know the individual need of the customers and how to deal with their accounting requirement.

Many business owners are not good at accounts and they do not know what to improve at their side for business growth. We have experts who can advise you on different business problems and give the solution best suitable for your business growth.

We can forecast a good trade period is going to happen between India and America. Be prepared for that with all your homework. No matter if you have bookkeeping backlogs or half hazard accounts. Outsourced bookkeeping is always there to help you out.  Dial us to reach us.


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