Outsourced Bookeeping

Outsourcing Security

Technology and infrastructure are something which is quite needed for almost all the present day’s organization. Irrespective of the nature of the business, every business requires a certain degree of automation and computerization. We the Outsourced Bookkeeping is furnished with latest infrastructure.

Our skilled accounting professionals use dual monitor workstations to accomplish their work. Outsourced Bookkeeping accepts raw accounting information in the form of electronic data and through other online media. You can send your business information through secured FTP, or through a file attached to e-mail as well. We are highly secured. You can trust us with closed eyes. Our staffs have been trained on the business security aspect of unauthorized data access, security prevention, identification fraud and spam.

Hiring our outsourced accounting services, you will get a fast processing speed as we have a bandwidth of 8 Mbps of Internet connectivity. This helps us to connect with the server and the remote system and perform the task. To prevent our system from the virus attack we are loaded with effective antivirus programs.

We take care of your clients and their business secrets. We never reveal the business information regarding the confidentiality of the clients and their identification details. We maintain proper business secrets. We do not have any access to your bank accounts. Our team and professional can work on your bills payable and books of accounts but do not have the right to enter in your bank accounts. All your bank accounts and access to the money will remain with you only.

To prevent the data loss, we are equipped with all the smart measures to prevent deleting files accidentally, mechanical damages of the hard drive, Viruses and damaging malware, computer theft, scam and Power failures issues. We assured you a safe and secured bookkeeping and accounting services without and fear of Virus risk.

Nowadays with the advent of technology and computer, the risk of scam also increased. Many entrepreneurs scared to get automated due to the internet glitches.

It is true that technology brings innovation to the field of business and industry but it should not be at the cost of damaging business data and losing business reputation. We, the Outsourced Bookkeeping follow good backups systems. So if in case we did accidentally delete the wrong files also we can get back the business information. All our staffs follow the efficient process of taking backups in a regular manner for each and every task done by us. We do install good antivirus software to prevent the business information from getting damaged by the attack of Viruses and malware. Many disadvantages and risks are there while we are connected to the worldwide network. The current fear is all about damages to stored data, misuses of Internet connection and virus attack to the business operational activity. We have all the needful measure to resolve the issue and provide you a safe business environment.

We do have installed disks available in our system. This helps us to record regular backups for our data. Following the system helps us to get the files and information even after a severe virus damages. Apart from that many times, there have been mechanical damages which corrupt your hard drive, motherboard and other significant hardware of your system. For that also we take backups. However, this is expected for once in a period of 5-6 years.

Power failures are the other serious issue where you may lose the data if you are in the halfway through doing a big task. It happens while you are doing the big calculation and reconciling the files or recording the financial transactions. Sudden fluctuation in voltage and frequent power failures often cause damage to the system and your database. However, this can be handled through following proper measures of taking automatic backups of your regular work.

So we follow the safe technique of Online UPS with backup Power Generator. This helps us to save our hard work and data loss due to system glitches.



Security is something which is highly required for accounting and bookkeeping activity. This helps you to build your customer relationship and business reputation. We train our staffs on the Network Security including compliance with the Policy. We follow four level of security to make our accounting & bookkeeping services system safer.


  • Data security regarding Network
  • Physical level security
  • Following a safe work environment
  • The audit program


Data security regarding Network

We have all Firewalls installed on our workstation and server. We also do have Antivirus installed to prevent the valuable information to get damaged by the virus attack. It requires regular updating. Our staffs do not allow authorized data access. Any person not connected to the work is allowed to the server room by any means.

We have high internet bandwidth which can accommodate a flawless accounting and bookkeeping work. But for the security level, we don’t allow even our staff to use it for any personal causes. The internet access is restricted and controlled to the work only. We follow taking regular Backup for all our work and practice Disaster Recovery Plan for data recovery.



Outsourced Bookkeeping takes care of your client information, business secrecy and data security in the Physical level through locking up the server room. Proper maintenance of books of accounts and safety of the business document is our first priority. We have also formulated effective policies to be followed to get the best outcome.

We know the server room is the most significant area of the physical network. The non-access to the server room discourages the physical access to the servers, cables, routers, and switches.

Apart from locking the server room we also maintain a log book for the employees. All the employees concerning the job should sign it while entering and going back.

We also keep an eye on the most vulnerable devices. Apart from the server, there are valuable kinds of stuff like laptop, cables and far more valuable things should be locked.

After delivering the work to our customer we destroy the disk, burn it and shred it. So that it cannot be misused with a wrong intention.

You will find our workstation stay separate from the server room. Employees do not have authority is not allowed to get into the Data processing workstations or Server room.

Our server room and the workstation are furnished with proper temperature control system to accommodate the environmental humidity.



Our strict HR Policy keeps a watch on our fresh recruitment. We hire the resources and talents after proper scrutiny of past work experience, educational qualification, and present status. We also conduct examination and on floor test to ensure the competence of the employee.

While recruiting employees we investigate their educational certificates, test their knowledge, conduct examination and interview by a panel of recruiters. We also query the detail of the prospective employee and check the reference with the previous employer for the security purpose. Outsourced Bookkeeping does not share the business policy and agreement with any employee before his/her joining date.



We believe prevention is better than cure. That is the reason why we follow all the possible data safety and security services. A regular audit program is followed by us to ensure the validity of the accounting and bookkeeping tasks done by us. Our audit programmed includes Policies and processes audit, including local and network security.

You will find us the most customer-centric company. As an accounting service provider, we try to understand your business requirement and act in order to fulfill all your unique business need. We do not want to make profit leaving our business ethics behind. We do just with our customers through providing them expert possible services at a minimal cost.

Our process is most accurate, timely and customer oriented. We have a team of skilled employees who have the right knowledge to deal with all the accounting and bookkeeping affair. For a better precision, we do reconcile the supporting documents received with the financial statements done by us.

You will get an expert service with an extra advantage of team support. Your work is going to be checked process wise through many levels of accountants and bookkeeping professionals. Thus checking through different levels of work process reduces the likelihood of errors and miss outs.

We know the significance of accuracy in accounting and bookkeeping services. Any small error today can lead to a big loss of tomorrow. We give emphasis on the quality of deliverables rather than earning a profit.

Our Outsourcing Accounting Services are intended to all the CPAs, big and small organizations and individual firms operating their business in the US. We can help you through providing our best services like:

  • Cash receipt & collection management
  • Billing & invoicing
  • Purchase order management
  • Credit management & analysis
  • Preparation of bank reconciliation
  • Cost accounting and cash payments
  • Payment authorization

We are the one-stop station where you can get a complete accounting and bookkeeping assistance in the field of finance, invoicing, bookkeeping, tax filing, payment and other accounting function of the firm. We are the cost-effective services provider. Hiring us for your accounting need can help you cutting down your business operating cost to a minimal. You can pay us on work hour basis depending on the nature of your task. Even you can opt for a monthly package plan as per your business requirement. We can help you with your varied business requirement. You can send us more work when you have more volume of work or can decrease your service plan as per your customized business need. You also provide you the freedom to terminate the outsourcing contract at any point in time.

Outsourced bookkeeping is the expert service provider in the recent digital world. Just try out us for the first time if you are a newbie to the field. Our main objective is to make our customer happy. So we do our best to provide you a timely, cost-effective and very good expert service which can suit your pocket and organizational need.

We comply with the US trade regulation for the preparation of accounting and finance statements. We follow USA & Canada trade rules with utmost precision. Individual firms, CPAs including other big and small organizations operating in the US can get hands to our excellent service. Outsource financial services to us and notice your business improvement.

We are there to handle your complete accounting task when you are sleeping. The US and India have a 12-hour time zone difference. That is where you can send us to work at night and get it done by the next morning. We operate the accounting activity of the Americans in India.

The entrepreneur will definitely get peace of mind of privacy. We back up your data on multiple secure servers. Now it is easy for you to maintain the confidentiality regarding maintaining books of accounts and finance things. Our expert service also saves you from spending more as the cost of service in India is less. We ensure you a secured financial service for all practical reasons.

So do not think much. It is the high time to take a decision. We especially welcome all the small business accounting and medium firms to grab the opportunity to avail a greater technology and infrastructure assistance in no additional investment.