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Bookkeeping activity is quite essential for all type of business, no matter whether it is a big or small business. Irrespective of the size and nature of the business it is mandatory to maintain proper books of account for every business. This helps an organization to ascertain the profit for the year and financial status of the organization as on a particular day.

There are activities like bookkeeping, filing tax and maintaining business records which are to be followed in the day to day process. These activities yield nothing to the business directly but consume a lot of managerial time.

Organizations spend much on keeping records. Even the filing task is also a difficult task for a layman. All those require expert service and knowledge about the subject. The entrepreneur may not have all the expert knowledge in the matter. So taking a third party help is advisable to deal with the task requirement.

Hiring domestic staff involves a lot of expenses. There is two type of expenses associated with it. While you hire the in-house staff you will get some relevant expenses. Those are the hiring changes and HR expenses. Secondly, some amount of maintenance charge will be there that you need to pay for each month. Apart from employee salary, you have to spend on employee benefit plan, insurance, employee children education, medical reimbursement, and the like.

A big organization may have the budget to keep a separate accounting department but a small and medium organization cannot afford the same.

While starting a business, a small organization has less work and the owner can manage the things on his own. However as the business grows the volume of work increases and it becomes unmanageable for the entrepreneur to deal with all the tedious task like scanning receipts, recording the increased transactions and managing the bills

Outsource Accounts Payable Services for Small Businesses

Accounts payable is basically a record of all the money a business owes to vendors and suppliers for purchases of goods and services made on credit. With the proliferation of technology in the business and financial lexicons, it isn’t a surprise to see firms outsource accounts payable.

CPAs, Accounting Firms & Small Businesses can contact us for availing the following services:

Accounts Payable Services

  • Daily / Weekly processing of bills payable.
  • Detail aged listing for outstanding accounts payable services including open invoices list.
  • Send report to us indicating which bills , do you want to pay. We shall set the requested payment in the accounting software and put the checks ready to print. Either your office prints the checks directly to local printer from accounting software or we print the checks to a pdf file and email to you. Your office will print the same without need of opening the accounting software.

The printed checks are signed and mailed from your office and you maintain full control over process and funds.

Accounts Receivable Services

  • Weekly processing of checks received and generating Aged Receivable Listing.
  • Prepare and/or helping to prepare the invoices and statements on the dates of your choice.

Advantages of our outsource accounts payable & receivable services:

  • Streamlining the expenses – You get highly competitive rates while you don’t need to hire a dedicated team of accounts payable experts.
  • A fair value for the services offered – Delivering the world class services encompassing the variety of different process required by you at a fair cost.
  • Focus on core areas of growth – With our advanced outsource financial services, we give you the best service while allowing you to focus on the core areas of growth needed to give upward trajectory for the firms.

The bookkeeping services offered by Outsourced Bookkeeping is as follows

Recording & Bookkeeping services –

Recording and Bookkeeping activity consumes most of the time of an organization. It requires more accuracy and precision. In-house employee sometimes does not have the knowledge to deal with the matter. We the outsourced Bookkeeping have a team of accounting professionals who can provide you an expert Bookkeeping service. We can manage your accounts payable, cash flow and bank account reconciliation. Small organizations can save the expenses of keeping an accounting department by implementing accounting outsourcing.

Accounting services –

Accounting services are the most tedious activity of any business. Through washing your hands from accounting services you can save time and resources. These resources can be deployed in a structured way to plan future business actions. We can assure you a better timely Accounting service free from error. We do help the organizations in their customized needs as well. Outsourced Bookkeeping has all the expertise and experience in dealing the records and accounts of all big and small companies.

Making of Financial statement services –

Preparation of financial statements needs some expert knowledge. There are many things to be considered for it. Any small miss out or mistake may lead to a great financial loss. The in-house staff in a small business organization has limited knowledge. Further, there is a chance of miss out while the work has been processed by a single person. Here at Outsourced Bookkeeping, you will get a pool of accountants who check and recheck the work in a rotation wise. So there is a little chance of miss out or omission while the task has to pass through different levels. We help you through preparing the financial statements like Income Statement, Balance Sheets, and Cash Flow Statement. Apart from that recording the business transactions like Journal Entry, maintaining General Ledger Report and subsidiary books are also taken care of by us.

Better Tax Filing Services –

Many organizations do not have the knowledge of all the provisions laid down by the government for the preparation of income tax. Take our professional help for one-on-one guidance for managing the Tax affairs. We have experts who can suggest you tax minimization planning and can help you out in preparing yearly tax return filing.

Our best Outsourcing Tax Return Services

Advantages at a glance:
  • During the time of pressure and heavy workload also you can easily handle a large volume of work.
  • Your business operational cost will be reduced.
  • Handling several types of complex tax returns will become easy.
  • Greater quality control and assurance.
  • Tax support to the accounting firm by Senior tax staffs
Our bookkeeping services for small business units:
  • The business owner and organizational staff can concentrate more on the core of the business activities like daily productivity, developing new products, expanding the market size, attaining more profit and analyzing the market behavior.
  • The small organization can avoid the additional cost burden of recruiting domestic accountants.
  • We can assure you high-level accounting services done by a highly-skilled team.
  • Outsourced Bookkeeping can get you ready to meet the tax filing requirement effectively for the peak tax seasons.
  • Miss outs, omission and paying fines and penalty for accounting task can be eliminated.
  • Chances of fraudulence and duplicity will be reduced

We the Outsourced Bookkeeping provides our best services to all the firms and big and small business houses operating in the US.

For small business units, the capital is limited. They cannot do what they want. That is the reason they can not avail of all the infrastructure and technological advancements.

Through implementing outsourced bookkeeping you can convert your fixed costs into variable costs which can increase the profit of your business.

So it is really a good opportunity for the small business units to hire an outsourced service. This is really a cost-effective tool in the hands of the management to reduce the overhead cost of the business.

Startups and small business units need to take care of more. We suggest them to take the professional assistance of outsourcing bookkeeping for the best utilization of their available resources.

We are not expensive. We are customer-centric. We value our clients the most. You can trust outsourced bookkeeping. The company follows a secured files transfer system and installed Firewalls for better data security. We have a security policy to be followed and the whole team is trained in that way.

Outsourced Bookkeeping is cost effective. We are not very pricey. As we work for the small business units we know very well their constraints and business requirements. We do not charge our clients compulsorily for a monthly plan or for a specified plan package. A client can take a plan suitable for their business requirement. We also serve your customized business need. We have a different economic plan suitable for all type of budgets. Just call us and share your business ideas along with the raw electronic data. We will suggest you the best plan suitable for your need.

It has been seen that the US CPA firms require a secure accounting system. We have the technology that makes your work easier. Consider joining hands with us and get the best ever strategic professional suggestion. That will be helpful for the growth of your business in this tax season.

“The least pleasant part of the accounts receivable professional’s job is running a customer through a collections process. It is time-consuming and can be stressful. Truth be told, you probably are swamped just with your regular duties, emailing requests for payments and making phone calls to answer payment questions for customers. This article was first published by Koben Williams on Tesorio blog

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