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Bookkeeping and Accounting Back Office – A Must for Every CPA – Powerful Business Strategy

There is a myth and many CPAs think that we are their competitor. But it is nothing more than a misinformation or a myth. The truth is, our Outsourced Bookkeeping services are tailor made especially for CPAs and Accounting Firms. 90% of the revenue of our company is coming from services to CPAs. We act as efficient and reliable Back Office to meet the bookkeeping and accounting needs of the CPAs and Accounting firms, which they need in turn, to serve for their clients. Many CPAs are engaged in providing small businesses accounting and bookkeeping services. Many other don’t involve themselves with serving small business accounting, but still they want to earn from small business bookkeeping as they have sufficient links to attract small businesses for their accounting needs. In both the cases, we are the best choice for you.

How this strategy works for CPAs and Accounting Firms

All the CPA firm need is a reliable and efficient firm who could cater to needs of CPA / AccountingBookkeeping Firm. They need the firm whose cost of service is within the reasonable reach of every CPAs, where even after paying the outsourcing firm, the CPA/ Accounting / Bookkeeping Firm is able to save profit for them. It means significant cost cutting.

We provide our services overnight. In the routine, you send the assignments of bookkeeping, accounting, taxes, payroll … to us at end of your day. We shall start it in our morning and finish the assignment by the time you come to your office. There is time difference of 10 hours 30 minutes. So, when you sleep, we work and then you came to your office, then we go off. That way, your office go 24 hours a day. It means significant time saving.

Outsourced Bookkeeping is delivering successful results over the years and our burgeoning list of clients is a proof of our quality process. We base our highly acclaimed outsourced bookkeeping and accounting process on stringent quality methodology. With a rich experience in various accounting software like QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop versions, Peachtree, EasyAcct, Accounting Relief and Sage, we offer the best outsourced bookkeeping services. Tax preparation is important for the firms as they come to terms with the tax season and our experience of working with tax preparatory software’s like ProSeries, ATX, Turbo Tax, TaxAct and Intuit Online Taxes will be a big help for firms. IRS software for preparation of payroll Forms of W-2, W-3 and 1099s has been handled extensively by us over the years. By availing our service, you have everything to gain in terms of the experience and expertise with confidentiality being the core essence of our work.

As a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and our experience , we have exposure of  vast knowledge of different industries to help you plan and implement your Bookkeeping and accounting system. In the light of burgeoning revenues and higher customer growth, one can simply accept the fact that the CPA firms will have their work cut-out. There would be an increase in the amount of accounting work to be processed by the CPA firms and it would be making absolute sense in leveraging our cost effective accounting services. We have an active team providing the best outsourced bookkeeping for CPA’s.

Resource utilization is the critical facet of any firm growth strategy. Handling the general bookkeeping tasks in-house is often not advised because you might not have the ample resources or time at your disposable. Outsourced Bookkeeping takes care of the general bookkeeping queries with absolute dedication and delivers the results in a time bound manner. The process of outsourcing is pretty straightforward as all you have to do is simply send the scanned images of the financial statements either by E-Mail or upload to our secure FTP site. Our team of bookkeeping experts will download, analyze and will even enter them into your software, all within a few hours.

It is important to divert the resources towards important work and let the simple tasks be outsourced for better results. Your CPA firms aim should be delivering best consultation, tax works and attests rather than analyzing every single financial transaction accuracy. With Outsourced Bookkeeping services, you can outsource most of your bookkeeping worries to us. We will give an accurate bookkeeping at all time while you can spend your time in gaining traction in the market. Get Outsourced bookkeeping services NOW to tap into our accounting bookkeeping expertise today.

35% of America’s largest businesses now deploy accounting outsourcing and realized significant savings. It’s Time to act now and adopt the accounting outsourcing services and realize the similar significant saving.

US Accounting Firms are facing not only facing the ever changing laws of taxation but also New Client Acquisition and above all Staffing Problem. CPA firms are striving to move ahead and are getting more focused on growth. CPAs are trying to not only retain their qualified staff but also looking to rope in more and more clients. We can solve to a large extent this problem by deploying our experienced and qualified staff on your Bookkeeping, Accounting and Tax Preparation work. This will save your precious time which the CPA Firms can utilize on searching new clients and retaining old clients successfully.

Bookkeeping Services for Certified Public Accountants and Accounting Firms

CPA Bookkeeping Services

A CPA firm have a lot of Value added tasks in their kitty and they have little time left for General bookkeeping services. The General Bookkeeping Services are repetitive in nature and can be very conveniently outsourced with the set of instructions. We at Outsourced Bookkeeping, do the General Bookkeeping and CPA Services for small business with complete follow up of the set of instructions provided for each client.

Write-Up Services:Regular as well as pending projects write up

We shall ensure the timely delivery of the assignment so that next deadlines of tax filing as per Notices are met with. For the regular write ups, the customized instructions are followed in write up.

CPA Accounting Services

With the increase in volume of work, the level of profit will also rise since the customer base will increase. In order to increase the volume of work, you will have two options, First, set up your own team inhouse, which is expensive and fixed expense. Second Option is Opt for Outsource which is inexpensive and affordable and above all, it is only variable expense. You can enjoy benefits of a dedicated team put up and ready for you.

Financial Statement Preparation Services

Accountants Office have become den of very hectic activities these days. Accountants have to meet the clients to provide consultation, to obtain the data, to update the data, to deliver the periodical Financials , to follow up the missing information etc etc which is time consuming and over and above the basic task of processing the data. You can conveniently outsource preparation of Financial Statements periodically to us and save time and cost and boost the revenue by getting more time to engage more clients

Tax Preparation Services

We are preparing and providing the tax return preparation services to CPAs since year 2004 successfully. We prepare Form 1120 Corporate Taxes, Form 1120-S Small Corporation Taxes, Form 1065 Partnership Taxes, Form 1040 Individual Tax Returns. We have used Pro-series. In addition to Pro-series, we are accustomed to other software such as Intuit Online Taxes, U-Tax and ATX etc