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Company Profile

Outsourced Bookkeeping is established by Sunil Khullar in the year of 2004. The great soul has put all his effort to bring changes in the present day’s business environment through proving high-end services with a greater customer satisfaction. The outsourced company is an illustrious finance and Accounting Service provider solution for CPAs and Big & small sized business organizations.

The mission and vision of the company is nothing but to serve their potential customers in managing their day to day accounting and bookkeeping activities. Thus the management can free themselves from the routine monotonous accounting task and deploy the resource and skills in a productive manner to earn more profit.

Sunil Khullar (B.Com., F.C.A., D.I.S.A.) is the sole owner and the Managing Director of the organization. Outsourced Bookkeeping is furnished with all the legitimate requirements of the US trade and commerce regulation. The Bookkeeping Company is a licensed one hence the Company and its people can be trusted. The accounting company has complied with all the legal formalities and company regulations act.

The skill and real-life experience of Mr. Sunil Khullar in the niche will definitely help your business to excel in the industry. The company has a qualified team of skilled professionals with intellect-mind who are putting their best hard effort towards the strategic growth of your business to bring more and more profit to the organization.

Our Outsourcing Company caters to the need of individual business houses, CPAs, small business units and big organizations in handling accounts and recording financial transactions. You can get your hands on large-scale technology and infrastructure without any extra investment. We value our customer and respect their time. Never have we compromised with the quality of our deliverables for the sake of money. Outsourcing Bookkeeping respect you time and money.

Our company and the team really work hard in continuous exploring of the cost-effective service opportunities. Our strength is our customer. We value our customers the most. We know your unique business need and strive hand to fulfill your entire business requirement. Our perfect blend of value and expertise enable even the small business units to afford the accounting outsourcing services.

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Our Skilled Leaders

We help you see the world differently, discover opportunities you may never have imagined and achieve results that bridge what is with what can be.

Monica Black
chief communication officer
Peter Perish
chief business project
Olivia Woodson
international consultant
Peter Adams
co-founder of company

Outsourced Bookkeeping provides you the below-mentioned business outsourcing services

Choose outsource accounting services to get your accounting and bookkeeping task done through an expert hand. Following are some unique feature that Outsourced Bookkeeping provides to each of its customers:
  • Our Bookkeeping Company follows Electronic mail, online message and real time chat as the means of communication. You can also save money and time in communication through a real-time communication system. Apart from that, you can also take help of Phone Calls, Live Chat, Fax, and messages.
  • We do not restrict on the volume of outsourcing. Customers can send us the work depending on the modules and their business requirement.
  • We try hard to meet the deadline requested by the customers but there are instances where due to the complexity of work, often we need more time to accomplish the task. At that time we call our customers discuss and extend the time frame.
  • After finishing the task outsourced we usually send the work through uploading it on a secure FTP using encrypted email. We can also follow other methods like providing a disk copy for the work done if requested by the customer
  • We follow a secured approach of doing the accounting things. You will get hard copies, reports, financial statements, including the books of accounts of the assignment after successful accomplishment of the work. The work is also stored in backup files for future need.
So do not hesitate to delegate the tedious accounting work to an expert accounting company. We are the best suitable alternative to shift your business burden and ease your life. Get your work done with expert hand and enjoy the latest infrastructure and technology.
  • Our service will enhance your business productivity and increase your profitability.
  • You can get an expert service which your in-house employees cannot provide.
  • Outsourcing is beneficial especially for startups and small business units.
  • You can get hands to better scope, experience, and opportunity
  • You can make use of advanced analytical equipment and technology without any investment.
  • We will benefit your organization through reducing your work burden.
We have a team of skilled professional who is very talented in doing accounting and bookkeeping activities. They are always ready to help you in all your technical and nontechnical issues. If at all at any point of time you find trouble in logging into your account, just drop a mail or speak with the customer care, our team will fix it out in no time. For taking payment for the work done we do accept payments through credit cards and bank transfer from our clients. The best part is that even the small organization can now enjoy the benefit of making use of latest technology and infrastructure. We all know that bookkeeping and accounting are significant to any business, no matter what it deals with. Proper record helps the business to ascertain correct profit and financial health of the organization. It is not only required for the internal purposes t some more external parties also need the same. You need a good bookkeeping process to satisfy the tax people, investors, stakeholders, the creditors and even the government. So shift your burden to us for the best business services. Outsourcing Bookkeeping has different plan and module which can suit to different size of organizations. You will get all the bookkeeping related services under one roof. Just send us your raw business data and we will take care of rest all. We can manage your accounting and finance activity in a better way. We are customer-centric. So we strive hard to make our customer happy by providing them with unbeatable service at an affordable price. The proficient chartered accountant and other accounting professional can give your expert business suggestions which will help you in making the strategic business decision for future growth of the business.

We are involved in the preparation of the following most important business records like

Annual income statement and balance sheet

Bank reconciliation statements

Cash flow management

Other financial analysis and reporting

We also provide you with one-to-one guidance for your customized business need and income tax affairs. Outsourced Bookkeeping does its best to enhance your business productivity, ensuring the expansion of your wealth including risk management.

Our Outsourcing Company takes care of your entire financial affair of the business. Our service is vital in generating more profit and establishing a better control over the business.

If you are a small business entrepreneur who is trying to expand his business, then it is hard time to seek a professional help of qualified persons for your business.

An accounting outsourcing service provider can help you in several ways by providing you the best bookkeeping services. Lots of big and small organizations are now implementing outsourced bookkeeping for the rapid growth of their business.

It is advisable to identify your organizational requirement first. Then you can decide which task you can delegate to outsourced bookkeeping service providers. You also need to do a little homework to find out a perfect outsourcing accounting Service Company for your needs and requirements.

We, the outsourced bookkeeping services are the best solution for your accounting and bookkeeping requirement. We can take care of recording your vendor invoices, preparing purchase order, making sale invoices, paying online bills and writing checks. You will get a great help in the preparation of financial statements and balance sheet to track your business financial status.

Log on to outsourcedbookeeping.com to know more about our outsourced bookkeeping services. Our accounting team can replace your in-house bookkeeping department. We provide services to CPA, individual agencies including all the big and small organizations operating in the east coast zone of America.

Implement the advanced techniques of smart work to your business. Gone are the days when organizations struggled in finding a good in-house bookkeeper. Wash your hands by delegating your tax preparation services and bookkeeping activities to Outsourced Bookkeeping. Our best services are extended to all the American companies from its offshore center in India.

You will get the most accurate work with the highest level of bookkeeping expertise. The best part is that small and medium organizations and even the individual firms can leverage the benefits of latest technologies and infrastructure with no additional cost.

These accounting and financial functions need special professional attention. Outsourced Bookkeeping can manage your outsourcing accounting activity in a more productive, efficient and profitable way. Thus you can get quality time to enhance your business reputation through developing customer relationship and business performance.

We are not very expensive. You will find us a cost-effective service. We are the perfect choice for your accounting outsourcing companies in USA. Definitely, you will be getting the best value for your money. Building a good customer relationship is very important to every entrepreneur. Thus delegating the accounting task can enable you to focus on other core business activity. Rest assured, we have a smart team of skilled commerce graduates, CAs, and Cost accountant professional to take care of your bookkeeping, accounting, and tax return activities.

States where we mostly provide our services:

Now our services can reach to the businesses operating in the east coast area of United States covering the states like Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee, Washington DC, West Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Brunswick, Arizona, Vermont and California.

Outsourced Bookkeeping provides a complete accounting and bookkeeping services to all the CPAs, big and small business units operating in the US. The accurate, timely and consistent bookkeeping services help you to beat the competition and go ahead. Our cost-effective approach and tailored reporting system by taking significant business decisions make the customers happy the most.

Our current US clients include industries like Real Estate Business, Doctors Offices, Retail Business, Landscaping Company, Small Businesses, Legal Service Provider, Restaurants, Legal Service Provider, NGOs, CPA Company, Online Publishing Businesses, Auto & Trucking Companies, Construction Companies, Jewelers Businesses, Grocery Stores, Carpentry Business, Beauty Salons, Gift Stores, Painting, Pets & Animals, Real Estate Rentals, Lawn Service & accessory, and Travel Agency to Newspaper companies.

Outsourced Bookkeeping is the licensed accounting service provider to deal with your financial accounts in a better way. Our main intention is to free up you so that you can look on the core business activities in a more focused way. So wash your hands and get relaxed from doing the day to day tedious routine business affairs.

In today’s world also there are business owners who think outsourcing is highly expensive and it will increase the business overhead cost. However, the fact is something totally different. Recently Outsourcing is considered as the best tool in the hands of the management for nothing but to control business overhead cost.

Hire us today if you are a novice in the field. Get our expert business services and vital business suggestion to implement the future plan of action, forecast the risk, and analyze the markets and financial conditions, better use technologies and to survive in competition. Hope you understood about the offshore services.

To know more about our services reach us at:

Phone Number: 1-904-256-9053 | Email : sales@outsourcedbookeeping.com | Website : www.outsourcedbookeeping.com