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Make Outsourced Bookkeeping
Work For Your Business

We, the Outsourced Bookkeeping cater the accounting and bookkeeping requirement of all the big and small business organizations operating in the east coast area of America. Reading the page, you will get a fair idea of our working procedure. This is a structured piece of information designed by our team for all the queries of a novice or prospective customer.

Technical Methodology Options of
Outsourcing Accounting / Bookkeeping

You will get our remote outsourcing and bookkeeping assistance via secured remote access services. Our virtual services are available to you in the below methodologies options.

We at Outsourced Bookkeeping are keen to provide you the best bookkeeping and accounting services. There are several alternatives that we follow in our work. You can choose the method best suitable for your business requirement. Basically, we have three major outsourcing methodologies Options available to you and those are:

A detail study on Different Alternatives

Usually, we support three process options available for our clients. You can go as per your convenience. The alternative includes Server Based, Remote Access Based and Online Options. Apart from email attachments, we do accept your raw financial information through Dropbox, Google Drive, Wetransfer, and safesend.com. So feel free to take any option suitable for you for sending your accounting documents.

Let’s discuss each one of them in detail to know all about the internal working of an outsourced bookkeeping service provider.

In Server Based system, you need to host a server and we can access the file and work through it.

In our Remote Access Services, you need to upload the files and other raw financial information and our Indian bookkeeper connect to your computer from our end using a remote desktop access service provided by you.

The online accounting software lets you upload the scanned copy of the raw data like expenses and bank statements to our secure server. We update the books by getting a login to the online accounting software. You can have the access to see the updated books whenever you need.

Clients Query

Most of our new clients have two major questions with them. Firstly, how do we work and the other is how much our services costs. There is not any standard predetermined answer for this because it depends on the client’s needs. Generally, we serve our clients on an hourly basis.

We provide customized bookkeeping services to each of our clients. We are dedicated and secured regarding the access to your financial information. We suggest our clients to use a QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Service. You can host the QuickBooks at your office on a dedicated accounting server. Thus the bookkeeper at our end can easily access the QuickBooks files. However, the business and their staff can access financial information whenever they required.

The next concern of our prospective clients is regarding the access to their account and banking. We do not have any access to your bank accounts, debit cards, credit cards or financial information. Our accountant can only view the figures and can sign checks on your behalf.


Some Important FAQs

What are the charges for your services?

We are not very expensive. You will find us a cost-effective solution for your bookkeeping need. We cannot provide you any standard pricing technique as the work requirement differs from client to client. Basically, our charges depend on the factors like the volume of the work and the complexity of work. We generally charge as per modules but you can also go for an hourly payment procedure for your customized accounting need. You can take the benefits of our weekly, monthly or quarterly plan as well. For any other detail information on pricing, you can log on to < our pricing page>.

What are the methods you follow for doing the work and how can we send you our raw financial data?

We follow three methods of doing your work and those are Server Based methodology, Remote Access Based technique and Online Software process. You can have the alternates of sending raw financial data through Dropbox, Google Drive, Wetransfer, and safesend.com. Apart from this, you can transfer the accounting information through simple email attachments.

How can I communicate with your team regarding the work?

You can communicate with our team through Encrypted email. Apart from that, you can also use the mode of communication like Phone Calls, Live Chat, or Fax messages with no additional cost. Thus you can choose any of the communication media as per your choice.

Can you please explain your work process in detail?

As we told you we have three different methodologies for our services. You can choose among Server Based method, Remote Access method or online accounting software. In Server Based system you need to host a server. Our accounting team get access to the file and work through it. You can get the work done through the server.


In our Remote Access Services, you need to upload the files and other raw financial information and our Indian bookkeeper connects to your computer from our end using a remote desktop access service provided by you. And you can get the finished work from your PC.

In this system, we update all your books of accounts through login to your online accounting software. You don’t need to send us the raw data individually but upload the scanned copy of your financial information like expenses and bank statements to our secure FTP server. It is an online process so you can get the updated books whenever required.

Can I outsource more than one project at one time?

There is no such limitation in outsourcing more projects from one client. However, it depends on your business and tax requirement. So identify your outsourcing requirement and let us know the same. We will suggest you the best price for your customized need.

How would you send us the finished accounting work?

We will send you the completed work through uploading it to a secure FTP using encrypted email. You can get the finished work from there. You can also ask for a disk copy of the work done.

How much time do you need to finish the work?

Again it is difficult for us to tell you exactly the turnaround time for each project because it really depends on the volume of work and the complexity. Small works can be finished in less time. However, you can tell us your deadline while giving the work, we will definitely complete the work in our committed timeframe.

Our Costs/Charges

We charge as per the volume of the task. We respect deadlines. You will get an error-free work at an affordable price. We offer flat weekly, monthly and quarterly charges plan. Apart from that, you can also book us for hourly services. Our charges depend on the several factors like the volume of the transaction and the complexity of the task. We try our best to match our cost to your pocket.

Our Professional Team

We have a team of skilled professional having good knowledge of the accounting standards and procedures. Our team comprises of QuickBooks certified professionals and college graduate bookkeepers. We provide a special training course to all of our bookkeepers to speed them up on QuickBooks and bookkeeping activities.

Client Types We Work with

Most small and medium scale business don’t find a perfect skill for managing their accounts and finance activities. The startups have a tight budget which does not allow them to maintain an in-house accounting department to prepare their company’s financial statements, analyze financial data, manage bank account operations and prepare the outgoing invoices. So outsourcing bookkeeping activities are the best solution where you can get the maximum benefit of expert work at the affordable rate for your small business accounting need.

Our core strength is to provide your account and bookkeeping services. We cater the CPAs, Individual firms, small and big businesses operating in the USA. Our best services include managing your finance and accounting task of preparing income statements, balance sheet, cash flow and other customized reports. Now we also involved in handling the accounts of real estate sector and hospitality industry. We are keeping the record of restaurant business and property accounts as well.

We at the Outsourced Bookkeeping have the skills and experience to manage your customized business accounting needs in a more cost-effective way. We have a good team of professionals having the right knowledge to maintain the books of accounts. Now all the business organizations perceive various positive aspects of outsourced bookkeeping process without hampering their customers, business and employees’ relation.

This is all how we work. To know more about our bookkeeping process please do contact us on Skype username sunil_khl or ring us at 904-256-9053 between 7.30 A.M. NY Time to 12.30 P.M. EST.