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QuickBooks Setup

QuickBooks Setup Services

QuickBooks can be defined as a set of software solutions featured by Intuit Inc. The software is designed to handle the accounting and finance need of small business firms. It can support merchant services, marketing tools, training solutions along with product and supplies. Different industries use the solution for their required business needs.

QuickBooks Setup
QuickBooks Setup
QuickBooks Setup

Companies of any size can use the product. All your business expenses, along with creating invoices can be monitored through QuickBooks. It is also useful for managing inventory, vendors, employees, and customers as well.

QuickBooks installation requires a high-speed internet connection for sure. The primary system configuration needs 1.8 GHz processor, 256 MB of RAM and 1 GB of disk space minimum for a single user requirement, while for multiple users you can go for a 512 MB of RAM. You can use any version of the software depending on your unique business need. An Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher is highly essential with 2.5 GB of free disk space.

Despite the fact that QuickBooks is designed for the easy use of layman, quite often it is getting difficult for an ordinary person to manage it. The installation and initial setup of the software are very vital for a future uninterrupted and hassle-free use.

So if you want your business and finance activity to be more accurate then it is a better idea to seek an expert hand to install your QuickBooks desktop setup. The situation may be more complicated if you are moving to QuickBooks installation from manual accounting in the middle of the year.

You have to take care of the accounting method, chart of accounts and even the beginning balances of the ledgers and accounts similar to manual accounting. It needs a certain level of technical know-how. A person without perfect knowledge of the books of account could not do the same.

Do not think much. Go for an expert help. This can save you from unnecessary wastage of time, money and energy. A professional can easily do all the needful for proper installation and initial Setup of the QuickBooks. Further, you can get the extra benefit of employee training and other timely assistance in this regard for any future requirement. This definitely enhances your employee performance and ultimate business productively.

We the Outsourced Bookkeeping feel proud to cater all your QuickBooks setup services and installation needs. We can extend you a good service for maintaining QuickBooks for your business firm. We are not very pricey. You will find our service very cost effective. We charge you as per your unique business requirement and trust us you will get the value for your money. Our service packages are designed to fit your budget.

Do not hesitate if you are a small business owner. We can suggest you good business plan for your business according to your pocket.

Your QuickBooks setup comes with a list of following services:

  • A detailed study of your Books of account and software requirement.
  • Expert suggestion for best software and hardware need
  • Design and set up of books of accounts, software installation along with management of inventory, invoices, accounts receivable, accounts payable and cash flow management services.
  • Ascertaining the opening date of your QuickBooks
  • Initial set up of all the accounts and balances as per the QuickBooks starting date.
  • Preparation of a list of sellable items like the product, inventory parts and non-inventory parts, services including sales taxes and other charges.
  • Setting up the ending statement of bank balances, deposits in transit and outstanding checks amount as on the beginning date of your QuickBooks.
  • A sequential recording of accounting transactions since the beginning date into QuickBooks.

Provide a training program to client staff for easy management of your accounting and tax outsourcing activity.