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Bookkeeping Business Services

As a small business owner you have more important things to do than to keep your own books. We take care of your books for you, so you can get back to the job of running your business and generating profits!

1. Small Business Accounting

A small business owner has to be a little careful as they do not have the leverage to adopt an expensive technique or infrastructure. They need to do the optimum utilization of their resources. The present era is based on technology. The business which does not follow the latest infrastructure and technology cannot survive for long in the market. The capital constraint is one of the most important hindrances in the path of success for these startups and small business units.

The small business units can enhance their profit through implementing accounting outsourcing by:

  • Getting an expert service to survive in the present market
  • Availing latest tool and technology in the field of accounting
  • Reducing the operational cost of the business
  • Reducing the domestic staff and get them deployed in some core area in a more effective way

We the outsourced Bookkeeping can serve you by providing you the best services in a cost-effective way. Through taking our professional help you can now save the business expenses like:

  • Hiring the accounting professionals
  • Retaining the in-house staffs
  • Spending on the employee benefit plans
  • Office space rent
  • Other office infrastructures like the cost of air condition and furniture

We the outsourced accounting have the solution for all your business issue. We can suggest you the best way to maintain parity between the cost and benefit. Our service is not expensive. We can suggest you the best possible packages suitable for your business requirement.

2. Financial Statements

As a matter of fact, financial statements are the life of any enterprises. These are the formal business record in structural and summarized form. Besides the business owner, there are lots of internal and external parties who are interested in the financial statements of a company.

That is the reason a company in order to satisfy the needs of all the interested parties, publish annual financial reports. But the entrepreneur may not be expected to do all such things on their own. So we are the business professionals who can do all the accounting and bookkeeping task for you to ascertain the correct financial status of the businesses.

The Financial statements help the business owner to know:

  • The profit earned during a particular period (Income statement)
  • The financial position of the business as on a particular date (Balance sheet)
  • Cash flow statement list out the inflow and outflow of cash to the business from different sources.

The financial statements are the documents which describe the overall financial solvency of the business. The parties interested in the financial documents of a company, other than the real business owner are Creditors and investor, stakeholders, Government, and the general public. They have their own reasons for the demand for these financial statements.

Take our expert service and see the difference in your business. We can serve you through preparing:

  • The income statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Creating cash flow statements
  • Providing Customized Business Reports
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement
  • Recording all business transactions.
  • Making all required books of accounts,
  • Maintaining bills payments and bills receivables
3. Reconciliation

Reconciliation is a significant activity of an organization to keep track on the bank account and cash book. There are many business transactions where instead of cash the bank account gets affected. Sometimes the accounting personnel misses recording a cash transaction which can have a cascading effect on the bank account. So in such situation, the bank and cash book of the company do not agree. They show some different amount. There may be several reasons for a difference of the bank book and cash book like:

  • Reconciliation is important to avoid cash embezzlement in the company
  • Fraudulent practices will be reduced
  • Account manipulation cannot be done
  • You can track the un-cleared checks
  • You can have a record of Checks issued and direct customer deposits
  • Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable sometimes cause the disagreement

Thus you will get a better control over your business. Our skilled accounting and bookkeeping professionals have vast knowledge to deal with your accounting and bookkeeping affairs. Trust us once and give a try through implementing our best Reconciliation services to your business.

We assure you to stay protected. Shift your monotonous accounting requirement to us and get a mental piece. Utilize your extra time in some more productive work towards getting the productivity and profitability of the concern.

Outsourced Bookkeeping will give you a list of uncleared and cleared checks, along with that you can identify the fraudulent checks or lost checks if any. You can get control over the unauthorized business transactions.

4. Accounts Payable

Every organization runs in credit. You will find more credit transaction than cash in a business. This credit transaction gives rise to creditors and account payable activities.

It is very essential for the business owner to keep a track on the credit of the business, as it relates to the cash and ultimately affect the profitability.

Maintaining a proper account payable service also acts as a brand building activity and it contributes to the reputation of the business.

So if you really want to achieve your business objective, then you need to maintain a good public relation and business reputation. This will enable your business to grow in a quick span of time.

We suggest you implement outsourcing Account Payable Services and enjoy the below-listed services for a smooth functioning of the business.

  • You will get a daily process of the transactions and bills
  • You can Monitor payment is done for the outstanding bills
  • Track and Monitor any cash flows
  • Transaction processing through innovative, automated and customizable tools for invoice processing
  • Good long-term interpersonal relationship.
  • Online payment and receipt processing, and vendor maintenance.

Take the collaborative services of Outsourced Bookkeeping. We are a pool of accounting professionals keen to serve you in a better way. We are the best one-stop destination for all accounting and bookkeeping services. Hire us today and get a complete accounting solution under one roof.

Follow a structured method of maintaining your accounts and financial activities. Get hands to our professional service to boost your customer relationship.

5. Periodic Review

To have an effective control over your business you need to know about all the business operations. Thus you can do a periodic review of business activities and but it is not possible on the part of the entrepreneur to have an all-round knowledge in all the aspects.

Do not worry we have an innovative solution to the issue. Now it is the age of information and technology. Even the small enterprises have all the rights to avail of the latest technology and infrastructure.

Delegate your business and accounting responsibility to us. We have better talents and resources to take care of your bookkeeping activities. Our skilled team of professionals can very well manage your business activity and will provide you the periodic reports to review your business.

We know the entrepreneur may not be a technical person to understand and the critical business issues. That is the reason we follow a clear and precise method of reporting for your better understanding.

  • Our report is the result of collecting, analyzing, processing, and interpreting of data from a multitude of sources.
  • The reports are based on facts and figures.
  • We provide you with daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports.
  • The reports backed by real stats and evidence
  • We do provide customized reports for your unique business need.

Now it is easy for all the entrepreneurs to know the strength and weaknesses of their business in a very easy way. Based on our reports you can take strategic business decision for the future growth of your organization.

6. Cash Flow Management

As we all know financial statements and very significant to the business houses. All the business owners need to publish their financial statements for internal as well as external requirement. These statements should be in a predetermined form and be in a prescribed manner. While we talk about financial statements generally we refer to profit and loss account or income statement for the period, the balance sheet as on a particular day and the cash flow statement during the period.

The business houses deal with cash as well as credit. The credit transactions affect the bank account whereas the cash transactions reflect on the cash book. Cash flow statement speaks the inflow and outflow of cash to the business.

Every business has to publish the Cash flow statement once for a year. All the money coming into the business and going out of the business are clearly recorded with the reasons in this statement. No business whether big or small can ignore preparing the records.

The skilled professional at Outsourced Bookkeeping assures you an error-free, timely service. The Cash flow statement prepared by us will be helpful to cater the needs of N number of parties directly and indirectly associated to the business.

The Cash flow statement gives the entrepreneur a clear picture about the sources from where the business get revenue and the activities on which the business spending cash. We do not use very technical terms which can be difficult to follow by a layman.

Hire us today and cater to the needs of all the associated parties like customers, investors, creditors, and competitors. Get hands to the best expert skill and knowledge, timely and error-free work.

States where we mostly provide our accounting business services:

We specialized on states located in the east coast like: Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, West Virginia, Washington DC, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, New Brunswick, Arizona, California.