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About the Founder:

About UsMr. Sunil Khullar
B.Com., F.C.A., D.I.S.A.
CPA Certified Public Accountant Equivalent (Indian Chartered Accountant)

The Managing Director cum owner of the company Mr. Sunil Khullar holds the degree of B.Com., F.C.A., and D.I.S.A. He also bears the membership no: 093055 as an outstanding member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Mr. Khullar is loaded with the knowledge and skill of all major accounting standards including North America tax software like QuickBooks, Sage, Quicken, EasyAcct and ProSeries & Turbo Tax.




About Our Company:

Bookkeeping needs 100% of accuracy level. Yes, you can install latest accounting software which can provide you automotive accounting services and benefits you with the cost saving aspect. You will get a 24/7 support assistance for sure.

But the idea of bringing automation suffers from some practical issues at the workplace. Firstly all your internal staff may not have the technical know-how to use the software. So you need to provide them training in learning the software and working with that which results in additional expenses for the management.  Secondly, your business will not get a real accountant support. Often it has been seen that business owner need a personal suggestion, advise and experience of the real accountants in formulating a strategic business plan and making a sensible business decision. So you won’t get a support of the bookkeeping professional to guide your business in an effective way.

Thus we come to the conclusion that both the option has its own advantage and disadvantages. However, the business owner knows his business the best. He is the right person to take a sensible business decision through evaluating all the pros and cons of each alternative. The best thing that we can suggest you is neither to hire an expensive accountant nor get any pricey bookkeeping software. All you can do is to delegate the accounting and bookkeeping task to an expert hand. Thus you can wash your hands from the monotonous accounting and bookkeeping burden to make your life easy.


  • Recording all business transactions
  • Preparation of income statement
  • Making bank reconciliation statements.
  • Maintaining journal accounts and subsidiary books.
  • Evaluating the profit for the period
  • Maintaining the cash flow statements.
  • Generating regular and customized reports
  • Provide latest accounting services.
  • And finally making balance sheet as on the end date.

We are the perfect blend of real-life accounting help and automation to provide you the latest smart bookkeeping assistance. We are the pioneer service provider in the industry working towards changing the current business scenario. Our aim is to bring innovation in accounting and bookkeeping segment. Outsourced bookkeeping strives hard to educate the entrepreneurs about the benefits of outsourcing bookkeeping and how is it helpful in the recent digital era.

Every business owner knows their business and its strengths and weaknesses. There are certain business activities which need the special personal attention of the entrepreneurs, which cannot be delegated to a third party. However, there are few more unimportant activities which can be shifted to any other company. Those are also significant task but not concerned with the core of the business. It is advisable to the business owners to manage the core business activities and shift the burden of Non-core activities to an outsourcing company.

The non-core activities include accounting and bookkeeping task. Identify your unique business requirement and analyze what all are the activities that you can outsource. We are the expert accounting and bookkeeping service providers can help you in attaining your business objective in a quick span of time.


We provide latest business accounting solution to all the CPAs, big and small business houses including individual enterprises. Outsourced Bookkeeping is the best solution to shift your boring, routine day to day accounting task and get your domestic staff free from the burden of the monotonous work. Bookkeeping activities consume most of the valuable managerial time as it requires more precession and accuracy. Even a small mistake is not acceptable while preparing and recording books of accounts. Hiring us will benefit you in the following manner.

  • You can reduce almost 50% of your business operating cost.
  • The process of accounting outsourcing helps you in saving up to 90% as compared to keeping domestic bookkeepers.
  • You can have a reward and A+ rating from the Business Bureau for efficient business functioning.
  • Your business can get access to the best tested and proven accounting services
  • Accounting outsourcing is the cost-effective tool in the hands of the management
  • The smart business techniques will provide you a high level of security
  • You will be charged for use. You don’t need to pay extra, thus you will get your value for the money.


We are the pioneer bookkeeping service provider. Our skilled team has all the knowledge to manage your accounts in a better way. We the Outsourced Bookkeeping are furnished with the below-listed features.

  • Outsourced Bookkeeping operates in India and caters to the need of CPAs, individual enterprises and all the big and small business houses operating in US and Canada.
  • We provide customer-centric service. We serve you with your customized business need to make you happy.
  • We take special care of our customers through maximizing flexibility in the process with maxim liberty
  • You can avail our services six days a week from Monday to Saturday
  • We provide weekly, the monthly and annual report including daily updates to make you aware of your business.
  • We prevent unauthorized access to data and provide you a better level of security.
  • You have the liberty to terminate the service or change the plan at any point in time as per your business requirement.

We are the best business solution to make your life better. Entrepreneurs can take the decision to hire us to get their routine business affairs done through an expert hand.

Implement accounting outsourcing to your business and get the benefits of reduced overhead costs and increased profit. Ease your life by hiring our expert services.


  • Get hands-on expert business service.
  • Access to latest technology and infrastructure
  • Cost cutting tool
  • Better control over your business
  • Reduce the work burden of your domestic staff
  • Can deploy your time and energy in a structured way.
  • You will be getting the support of a pool of accountants.

Now it is the digital age. The industry needs the smart way of doing business. Inclining the old traditional business approach will not going to help you anymore. You have to bring automation in your business rather than keeping the internal staff for doing all paperwork.

Keeping an in-house workforce is always costly. It comes with an array OF expenses like hiring cost, training expenses and employee retention expenses. So going with the idea to hire an account professional will only increase your business operating cost.

Outsourced bookkeeping is not very costly. Many small organizations think it is an expensive approach, while in fact, it is rather a cost-effective tool in the hands of the management. You do not need to pay for a service package. You will be charged for the services you are taking. We do not charge our customers more. There are no hidden charges or any extra payments. We believe in building long-term business customer relationships. We are client-centric and do our best to them happy.


Service criteriaAutomotive Accounting Software ServiceOur Expert Accounting and Bookkeeping Service
Cost aspectMoreCost effective
AssistanceOften may not Available due to technical faultAlways Available
Technical IssueMany a timesNothing
Support SystemAlways but only automotiveRound the clock with personal assistance
TrustworthinessMechanical process, No guidanceMore reliability
SecurityNo trust, anyone knowing the pass-code can use the information.More secured
Expert service levelCannot manage all the back office workExpert help is possible

Accounting and bookkeeping are the most tedious work for all the organizations. It is monotonous also. Sometimes the in-house staffs find it difficult to manage the same due to insufficient knowledge about the matter. Accounting tasks need a lot of precision and accuracy. Only the experts having perfect knowledge about the subject, its standards and the latest regulations can do the bookkeeping task correctly.

It is the duty of every business owner to think about the greater good of its business. We provide you some guidelines and information to take a correct decision to get most of your business. Taking correct business decision is nothing but to allocate your limited capital/investment in such a way to get maximum returns.  Apart from customer satisfaction, you will be getting an expert help to run your business. We help you in managing your account through which you can get to know the correct financial position of your business. Thus you can make out whether the business is developing or declining and can take strategic business decision basing on our information and reports.


Below is the set of steps that you have to follow to implement outsourcing bookkeeping to your business.

  • Know your specific business requirement: Every business owner has to evaluate the business to find out the strength and weakness of the business. This can help you to make a decision of bringing accounting outsourcing to your organization. Thus you can identify exactly what are the services you can outsource to a third party.
  • Selecting the right module: Different business has their unique business requirement. There cannot be one size fit to all. So it is very important to make a sensible choice depending on the services and cost while selecting right module.
  • Cost of the Selected Module: We do not charge any fixed price monthly or annually. You just have to pay for the services you are getting. The charges are not fixed it varies depending on the services and the complexity of work.
  • What you need to provide: Outsourcer Company cannot do anything on their own. In the beginning, you have to provide your raw business information depending on which we can prepare the different reports, financial statements, and all another required bookkeeping task. Companies can send their electronic data through mail or online.
  • Easy to manage the bills and invoices: We have launched a special option of printing the bills and invoices of your customer’s right from the software itself. We have a support team of skilled professional to help you round the clock.

We the outsourced bookkeeping are the perfect solution for all your accounting and bookkeeping activity. We serve all the small and medium organization with their varied unique accounting need. CPA and big organization can also have our expect services. We cater all the business firms operating in the US. Know more about accounting outsourcing benefits and make a sensible choice.