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Management Team

Management Team

Management TeamMr. Sunil Khullar
B.Com., F.C.A., D.I.S.A.
CPA Certified Public Accountant Equivalent (Indian Chartered Accountant)

Sunil Khullar is the founder and managing director of OutsourcedBookeeping.com for the last 8 years. OutsourcedBookeeping.com is a provider of bookkeeping, accounting and tax preparation services to  companies in Florida and all the states in the East Coast. Mr. Khullar is also member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants in India. He graduated as an accountant in 1991 from Punjab University, Chandigarh. He got his Chartered Accountant designation in 1995. He took the C.I.S.A. (Equivalent) in USA to the Information System Audit in 2003. He started the profession of accountancy in 1995 by starting his own practice. In stepped into international business by starting the outsourced bookkeeping services in United States and emerged successful.

Mr. Sunil Khullar has extensive experience working virtually for many clients in Florida, Miami and all the east coast States. he has been doing all the bookkeeping, accounting services, tax returns and financial reconciliation for clients in Florida. He is very well versed with all major accounting software like QuickBooks Desktop as well as Online version of many Accounting Software, PeachTree, Sage, EasyAcct, Quicken, Cloud computing, ProSeries, ATX and TurboTax 2012.

With the unending efforts of Mr. Khullar, Outsourced Bookkeeping has written many success stories for their clients.

  • One CPA who has newly started practice in 2008, got her back office in outsourcedbookeeping.com for her bookkeeping and accounting needs. She started with 20 hours per month and today she has established a lot in her profession and she is availing about 200 hours per month even in non-tax season and have grown while recession in US!!
  • Another Firm of CPAs has got our services in 2006, hired services of outsourcedbookeeping.com with 20 hours per month and started getting time for more networking and more clients. Growing in time of recession, we established such a faith and coordination in each other that the CPA Firm hired Three (3) Full time seats now with us!!

Our logic for growth is very simple, We Grow as our Clients Grow, so we help them grow by providing timely services in a professional manner.

  • Our Oldest Client, who also happens to be CPA Firm, has a very fast growth. Our revenue from their firm has grown to 170% every year, before the founder CPA retired at age of 70 years.
  • One old lady, who had cancer, got in touch with us. She used to do all her bookkeeping and taxation work herself but starting facing difficulties due to her health problem. She outsourced her bookkeeping and tax preparation work to outsourcedbookeeping.com and got relaxed. We served her five years to her full satisfaction, before she breathed her last fighting with her disease in 2011.

We have helped both for new businesses as well as established businesses to grow even in times of recession. We’re handling monthly accounting of about 400 businesses belonged to USA that cater to different walks of life.

Accounting & Tax Software
We have expertise in all major accounting and bookkeeping software such as :-

1. QuickBooks

2. PeachTree

3. Sage

4. Accounting Relief

5. EasyAcct

6. Quicken

In the Tax return preparation (matter of Interest for CPA)

1. Pro-Series

2. ATX

3. Turbo Tax