Outsourced Bookeeping

Why Outsource to Us

Outsourced Bookkeeping is the best solution which helps you the most to get the benefit through work in collaboration.

Why Outsource to Us?

We, the Sunil Khullar Infotech Service are the best solution which help you the most to get the benefit through work in collaboration. You can delegate all your most tedious and error prone activities like accounting and tax stress to this outsourcing agent in order to get an expert service on the matter which you might not get from your in-house staff. Outsourcing will definitely reduce the work burden of your business, management and the work force. You can run the business well through initiating some good financial plans and taking the correct decision for the future growth of the business in a cool environment where you are free from doing the day-to-day routine business work. The management can focus on the tactical and strategic operation rather than keep on busy in daily routine affairs. The workforce can concentrate on the quality of production well if they are not under a heavy work pressure.

Therefore, it is not a bad idea to hire an outsourcing agent to head all your accounting and tax work stress. While deciding to assign the business routine work to a third party agent, you have the option of hiring a traditional professional accountant with good accounting knowledge to handle your books of accounts.

Let’s assume that you are a small or medium sized concern and appointing a well trained professional to handle your accounting affairs in a traditional manner. The idea will definitely help you to manage all your business financial activities in a better manner, but you may land up with some serious issues like:

  1. The cost factor: The cost of hiring a bookkeeper may be more.
  1. Time issue: The trained professional may not give you time at your requirement. They will serve you for a few particular hours while not for 24/7.
  1. Skill: As they are the human beings so there is a chance of errors and mistake in the work. 100% accuracy cannot be expected.
  1. Pending work: It has been seen often that small and medium concern does not get their work done on time from their accountants as these professionals have lots of other clients as well.

Sunil Khullar Infotech provides you the accounting service to record the books of accounts in an organized way. You will get a real picture of the financial health of your concern. Sunil Khullar Infotech shoulders all your accounting and income tax tedious work.

Sunil Khullar Infotech charges a nominal amount from its customers, which is very reasonable for the services rendered by them. However the price paid for the service has its worth as the small and medium business concerns get a huge benefit out of it.  Different business concern has different requirements. So it is not expected that a same service module will work for all. That is the reason Sunil Khullar Infotech has different pricing modules. You are only charged for the services you are enjoying, not for the full version.

Here you will find a tabular form of comparative study of services that you gained from our Sunil Khullar Infotech services against Traditional Accountant. See at a glance how we are better than the Traditional Accountant Support.

A comparative study between Sunil Khullar Infotech Software & Traditional Accountant:

Types of ServicesServices that we provide at Sunil Khullar Infotech


Services that you get from Traditional Accountant
CostNominalVery High
Issue with softwareNothingNo issue
Timely NeedAlways AvailableMay not available as busy with other clients
Guide in financial activitiesAlways thereAgain considering the availability of the accountant.
Level of trust and security involvedYou can fully trust it. (As it is a registered body.)No trust (As they are human beings)
Can manage your back office workyesSometimes not

Sunil Khullar Infotech provides you the best solution for managing your financial accounting and record keeping tasks. It has some best suited features applicable for small and mid-size business concerns. It assists you in managing the books of records by following the standard accounting procedures of accounts payables, accounts receivables, preparation of trial balance, profit and loss account, and balance sheet. It also helps in generating the financial reports useful for the business.

The receipts or invoices at Sunil Khullar Infotech can be created very quickly with the process of a few clicks. There are options to bill the client and send the email of the invoices individually or all at one time in a consolidated list. Thus the activity is far quicker than the manual process. The feature is most applicable while you have to bill numerous customers for the same services.

In this way, by taking the assistance of Sunil Khullar Infotech Services, you can save your valuable management time. Follow a smart way of doing business. Do not waste your time by thinking much. Get your hands on the recent day’s handy and trendy business technology.