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Small Business Accounting Services

The small business owners generally have limited resources which they need to allocate in such a way so as to get the most of their business. All the middle and small business are continuously in search of the best cost-effective way of doing business. We suggest you, the tried and tested technique of outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping activities.

Now the small business can also get the multitude of advantages of smart techniques of doing business outsourcing bookkeeping and financial task. Check out the aforesaid significant perks that you get through implementing outsourcing to your business.

Usually small business has less capital which restricts it to take any strategic decision as they like. It cannot increase the infrastructure and cannot implement any structural changes to the business all of a sudden due to a limitation of the fund.

Unlike the large business houses, small business owners have to take care of many important things on their own rather than glued on their own books. The Accounting for Small Business is repetitive work and there are experts available like us (Outsourced Bookkeeping) to take care of accounting and bookkeeping part of small businesses. By outsourcing the small business accounting to us, you have take advantage of accounting expertise available to Big Business Houses. We shall take care of your accounting and you do your core business and earning profits.

Every month or quarterly we’ll perform the following tasks for you

Clean up your accounts

Reconciliation of your checking accounts, credit cards and Paypal

Provide the income statement

Provide the balance sheet

Provide Consultations

These tasks constitute the solid basis of your small business accounting system.

Outsourced Bookkeeping is featured with the top-notch standards of excellence. You will definitely get an excellent service of real-time access and all time customer support desk. We have a chat support team to help our customers in getting their queries resolved. Our smart team is always ready to help you out by giving you all technical and nontechnical support. We provide the customized services as per your requirement by adding to bookkeeping, the payroll, accounts payable, tax preparation or any other related service. Just check out our best below provided services:

Maintaining a Clean General Ledger

The general ledger is the basic of accounting of your company. If you need to look at any individual transaction of any date, then you need to look at the General Ledger. If your General Ledger is correct, only then you can assume the correctness of the financial statements of your company.

We shall make the review of your general ledger periodically in order to make sure that there are no discrepancies. If we come across any discrepancy, then we shall fix it. This review will ensure the correctness and accuracy of your books of accounts.

Bank Reconciliation

Reconciliation of your business checking account every month allow us to keep your banks, accounts, taxes and tax liabilities up-to-date.

We shall provide you list of checks Cleared as well as Uncleared Checks in Checking Account. You can review it to see if there are any lost checks, fraudulent checks (which are never issued by you) or checks which are urgent in nature but still not cleared in bank, unauthorized wire transactions and so on.

We shall provide you list of deposits Cleared as well as uncleared in your Checking Account. You can review it to see that why there are uncleared deposits or returned deposits and may follow up with the customers for returned deposits.

  • Keep a watch and follow up for excess and unjustified charges made by your Bank/ Credit Card.
  • Keep a watch and take the preventive steps for scam of funds by insiders.
  • Only the reconciled accounts can be considered as authentic and fit for decision making. You can know the health of your business with reconciled accounts and financial statements.
  • Effective Management of your Cash, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.
  • Calm Down! Your banks are reconciled and you have correct financials at your finger tips. So, your anxiety will be controlled.
  • Stay Protected. By having knowledge of what’s going on in your bank accounts maintained with Banks and Credit Cards, you can take the prompt action on coming to know of any fraudulent transaction.

Income Statement

An income statement or say profit and loss statement basically carries for a specified period, list of your revenues on one side and list of your expenses on the other side and making the net of revenue and expenses as Net Profit or Net Loss for the specified period.

With the income statement, you can do the following:

  • Make Track of Income and Expenditure to assess operating profit / loss of the company.
  • Evaluate the expenses to fix which expenses are over-budget and which are under-budget.
  • Evaluate each expenditure individually to determine which expenditure are not normal / unexpected such as Supplies, Repair, Internet or phone expenses.
  • Evaluate sharp increase or decrease in goods returns or percentage of cost of goods sold as compared to budget as well as previous years.
  • Calculate the tax liability.
  • Review the overall performance of your company in the given period.
  • Project the next Budget based on past performance.

Get hands to Top Technology and Infrastructure

It is understandable that small enterprises cannot afford to invest in infrastructure to increase the business profitability. But outsourcing allows these organizations to enjoy greater infrastructure and latest technology without any extra investment. This is really a significant cost saving tool in the hands of the management. We the accounting outsourcing usa is furnished with all the latest expensive bookkeeping programs required for advanced trading. You can get the benefit of improved infrastructure and latest technology at no additional cost.

Full focus on building the core of your business

Generally, the business owner of small enterprises always keeps busy in doing something or other. Typically the accounting task is the most time-consuming activity in any business. It requires utmost accuracy and precision as well. Keeping an in-house accounting division is not only expensive but also a time-waster process which mostly leads to several types of conflicts in the organization. Outsourcing is the best thing to keep your business way off from all these distractions. Thus the business owner with the internal staff will get some quality time to manage the business and formulate some strategic plan for its better future growth. This will definitely help in building your business reputation and a good customer relation.

Cost effective tool

Small business organizations get the most benefit of saving money through implementing outsourced bookkeeping. Here you don’t need to keep any part-time or full-time in-house staff. You will be saved from spending on employees benefit plan. You can also avoid other associated expenses like recruitment cost and training expense. You just need to send your electronic data to us and our team will take care of rest of the things. It donor involve much cost cause you charge you only for the service you are taking. You do not need to pay any additional charges for registration of annual fee. Depending on the nature of the work you can also opt for an hourly rate service which is quite fair for all small business owners. So no way it is a pricey thing rather, I feel it is a cost-effective tool in the hands of the management.

More focused in-house work staff

Through delegating the most monotonous and time-consuming task you can free up your domestic staff and can reduce their stress level. Thus they can be deployed in some other task in a more focused way. This helps them to deliver quality outcome towards generating more business profit.

Accessibility of Expertise Service

Seeing the limitation of available resources a small organization cannot afford to keep expensive accounting professionals. But delegating the work to a third party can help you the most in getting the best Expertise Service. We have a trained skilled team of accounting professionals who can cater your unique business need and guide you in taking correct business decisions through their experienced trade suggestions.

All big organization has sufficient capital to implement any changes without a second thought but the small organization has to act in an effective way to get the most benefit from their available fund. We know your business requirement and can help you in managing your business in the best possible way. We have all type of package plan which will suit your pocket.

Take the benefit of smart business technique and follow the cost-effective way in attaining your business goal. Hire us and see your business grow. We are the customer-centric service providers. Outsourced Bookkeeping strives hard to make their customer happy. You can shift all your business stress to our shoulder without and fear.

We are cost effective accounting outsourcing service provider. You will get the value for your money. Implementing outsourcing accounting you can reduce your business operating costs. We are cost secured. You can trust us with closed eyes. We have good security arrangements like firewall installation and data security services to prevent unauthorized data access.

Outsourced Bookkeeping can provide you all quality work and timely cost-effective bookkeeping services in usa at least possible cost. Many times it has been seen lots of startups come to the industry but disappear soon. Did you ever try to identify the reason behind it? There may be a hell lot of reasons but in most cases, it has been seen that the entrepreneur cannot manage the business. In the early stages of business the owner has to give most priority to building a business reputation and customer relationship.

You the entrepreneur know your business the best. So you are the right person who can identify the business need and can segregate which tasks can be delegated and which are not. There is some significant task of building your product, marketing and sales and developing relationships which cannot be outsourced. But the tasks like accounting, bookkeeping, and tax calculation can easily be delegated to an expert hand. This will help you to manage other core activities in a better way by freeing up you from the stress of the operational activities.

For sure every outsourcing is done with a view to facilitating Cost-cutting but we the Outsourced Bookkeeping promise you countless benefits of implementing the bookkeeping services for small business. Just do not think much. We can help you through providing innovative business process helpful for generating greater profit. Consider the most intelligent weapon of accounting outsourcing and delegate your monotonous accounting and bookkeeping activity to us. Stay focus on the core of your business. This will help you to beat the competition and survive in the market. You need to face several business challenges to stay top among the competitors.

Take the expert accounting and bookkeeping services provided by our proficient accountants. Maintain standardization of your bookkeeping and accounting processes. This will help you keep your accounts streamlined.

Unlimited Consultations

If you have any query or have any doubt with regard to the bookkeeping transaction or treatment of any particular transaction in the books, we are always available to advise you. Also, we shall be available to help you understand and interpret financial statements.

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