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Managing Real Estate Assets: Best Practices in Accounting and Reporting

The real estate industry is dynamic and is driven by crucial factors such as infrastructure development, government initiatives, IT growth, etc. Amidst these ever-evolving dynamics, the key to achieving success and growth in the real estate industry is through managing real estate assets effectively.

According to industry experts, following the best practices of accounting and reporting practices not only contributes to strategic decision-making but also protects the financial health of your real estate business. This article emphasizes the need for effective management of your real estate assets and the best practices in real estate accounting and reporting.

Managing Real Estate Assets: Best Practices in Accounting and Reporting
Managing Real Estate Assets: Best Practices in Accounting and Reporting

Best Practices in Accounting and Reporting

To establish an efficient and well-structured accounting system at your firm, one must ensure that they are following the principles of accounting and best practices recommended by industry experts.

We have listed down the best practices in accounting and reporting for you.

  1. Monthly review of your accounts

The first step towards effective property management accounting is to ensure that your accounts are reviewed regularly and up-to-date. You can achieve this in two ways – employing accounting software or with the help of a professional accountant.

The advantage of hiring an outsourced restaurant accounting professional for this task is that your accountant will proactively alert you in case there are any discrepancies in your reports. Your monthly report should cover all the metrics like balance sheet, general ledger, monthly income and expense statement, tenant receivables, accounts payable, etc.

  1. Use the right set of reporting tools

The accuracy and reliability of the reports will directly contribute to your ability to make informed decisions. Using the right set of reporting tools or software to generate trend reports will not only eliminate errors but also give you much-needed insights. All you need to do is select the right tool or software that works best for you and generate reports periodically.

  1. Ensure compliance with laws and regulations

As said earlier, one of the factors that contributes to the dynamics of the real estate industry is the government’s regulations and initiatives. Make sure that you are familiar with and aware of all applicable laws and regulations set up by your national and local government.

Having said that the system comes with compliance procedures already built into it, and having an outsourced restaurant accounting professional, especially for this task will help you easily track the changes in regulations.

  1. Incorporate and practice good itemization

Another best practice suggested by industry experts is to set an itemization protocol for your expenses and earnings. Your expenses and earnings will not be the same which is why you need to itemize your financial accounts. Once you start doing so, make sure to make it a good practice.

If you are already using accounting software for your real estate accounting, the automation functionality of your software will handle the itemization. In the case of manual accounting, you have to ensure that the itemization protocol is strictly practiced.

  1. Keep your business and personal accounts segregated

Last, but not the least, make sure to keep your personal account separate from your business account. Make sure that all your business transitions are routed to your business account first and the earnings can be transferred to your personal account later on.

You can do this activity on a pre-scheduled basis. Though both accounts will belong to you and be managed by you, having a separate business account will be particularly beneficial during the taxation period.


The lack of effective asset management strategies could land your organization in serious trouble, particularly during the taxation period. The best way to ensure the financial health and security of your real estate business is by ensuring that your accounting process is streamlined in the best possible way.

Streamlining accounting and reporting is a challenging task, especially if you are a large-scale firm or looking forward to scaling up your business. In this case, it is wise to collaborate with an outsourced restaurant accounting firm that can help you with their tailored business solutions.

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