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Managing the assets in a real estate business are truly bound with certain risk factors. In a world where hardly anyone can be trusted in managing your accounts for the real estate business dealings, accounts management and financial statements management can be highly stressful and tedious. We, at Outsourced Bookkeeping follow a thorough process of managing accounts payable processing for your real estate business by outsourcing real estate bookkeeping services. We ensure that your accounts management responsibility shall be fulfilled meaningfully and holistically by our team of experts.

We understand that the real estate business is not easy to run, especially if an individual is new to the operations of the entire industry. Under such conditions, it is also difficult to designate a specific team that is responsible to manage the bookkeeping and the accounts payable processing for each individual transaction.


Since managing daily accounts and invoice management can take up a significant amount of time of a business owner and it might also hinder their progress in conceptualizing business management and performing other tasks such as expansion, infrastructure management and operations, we step in as experts to guide you through our accounts payable services.

There are several advantages of outsourcing your bookkeeping and accounting responsibilities with our organization. Let us understand our working process and the relevant benefits associated with working with us.

Key Components of Our Bookkeeping Services for Real Estate Accounts

We follow a rigorous working process while managing bookkeeping for your real estate accounts. Each component is conducted and operationalized intensively by our team of experts. Let us closely examine each of them.

  • Optimum Accuracy in Accounts Management: We conduct real estate accounting with optimum accuracy and with extreme caution in our approach. Our team of financial experts work towards managing each aspect of the account with absolute perfection and ease. These experts are well-versed in accounts payable processing as well as management of the real-estate financial accounts.
  • Thorough Management of Accounts with Bookkeeping: Businesses dealing in real estate might possess rigorous invoices and daily transactions that might pile up their accounts and financial statements. By stepping in as account management experts, we help businesses to divert their attention from account management towards strategizing and building their business ideas. Considering the heavy competition prevailing in the real estate business market, it is important to focus primarily on expanding your business by creatively uplifting it rather than prioritizing account management.
  • Valuable Financial Advice: We provide valuable financial advice related to tax filing, sales revenue returns, business expansion as well as working towards investments. We do not believe in limiting our approach to providing outsourced bookkeeping services. By working with us, you shall be assured of receiving good profitability and customer satisfaction in your real estate business.
  • Usage of Innovative Accounts Payable Processing Tools: We primarily rely on innovative and unique software that is meant to resolve all accounts payable grievances effectively. These processing tools are customized, unique and customer-friendly and thus leave little error in accounts payable processing for your business.
  • Experience in Complicated Software Operation: Our team of experts are accustomed to operate and develop your accounts payable management on complicated software. We offer real estate accounting services on software such as Propertyware, MAS90 (Sage), Greatplains and QuickBooks.
  • Management of Cash Flow and all Transactions: We handle all the financial accounting aspects such as maintaining and monitoring the cash flow and clearing all transaction invoices on a timely basis.
  • Thorough Accounts Payable Services: We provide thorough accounts payable services as a matter of having previous experience of working with real estate accounting firms. These services include development of ready cash flow statements, trade valuation as per standard regulations of USA and Canada and also help prepare financial analysis and investor reports rapidly.


Real estate bookkeeping has become an important aspect of performing well in the real estate business. As a matter of having little to no experience in financial management and bookkeeping, real estate firms often fail in maintaining their financial records and accounts. This also hampers their overall focus towards expanding their business, operationalizing existing patterns as well as dealing with incoming customers and clients.

By providing tailor-made bookkeeping services for real estate under the supervision of a real estate tax accountant, we aim to reduce the burden of real estate agents and organizations. By handling each aspect of their finances such as accounts payable processing, financial reporting, investments as well as tax filing, we aim to provide a hassle-free account management service to all real estate business holders.

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