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Before selecting a solution to make your life better by delegating the most tedious and monotonous routine business affairs to someone else, just put some efforts to have a clear picture of the scenario. Take a breath, give some time and investigate all about the issue. The first thing that you need to do is to identify your own financial needs and requirements. That means what activities you need the outsourcing company to handle and how it is going to help you in managing your business.

So you can go with the automotive accounting software companies, where you will get software versions to work with in a real time basis. Dropping the idea of hiring a professional accountant and planning to go with the software services, is undoubtedly will benefit you with the advantages of 100% accuracy level, (provided if the data entered are correct) with less operating cost (because they do not need to hire an accountant). Here you can get a 24/7 support assistance. But soon you will come up with the complaints like:

  1. Knowledge about the software: No all people are masters in all the fields. So a small or medium sized business may not have staffs with accounting knowledge. So in that case they have to develop their accounting skill to manage the software and have to become an accountant while learning the software.
  1. Lack of accountant support: You have to struggle with the software and will face a big problem due to lack of support of an accountant to guide the business in a correct way.

Thus, both the alternatives have their own pros and cons. But in the recent day’s cut throat competition you cannot afford any cons in your business. You need to be more than perfect to survive and to make profit. The market is full of vultures so you need to find out a better solution with no cons for your business. Here we, the ‘Outsourced Bookkeeping’ provide you a perfect blend of the Software and accounting skill to make your business run effectively. This is the best suitable solution to the small and medium sized business which has traditionally been available only to big business concerns with big pockets. ‘Outsourced Bookkeeping’ has the support system for your business which provides you a financial service as per your business requirement rather than mere mechanical software.

Just have a quick look, how ‘Outsourced Bookkeeping’ helps the small and medium sized concerns.

A comparative study between ‘Outsourced Bookkeeping’ & Automotive Accounting Software:

Types of Services Services that we provide at ‘Outsourced Bookkeeping’ Services that you get from Automotive Accounting Software
Cost Nominal Reasonable
Issue with software Nothing Much more
Timely Need Always Available May not available sometimes due to technical problem
Support time Always 24/7
Guide in financial activities Always there No guide as the process is mechanical.
Level of trust and security involved You can fully trust it. No trust (anyone knowing the pass-code can operate it)
Can manage your back office work Yes No

If you have decided to go with ‘Outsourced Bookkeeping’ you should have to go through the following set of procedure:

  1. Identifying your business needs: This actually means to identify what is your business requirement and what services you exactly need from the Outsourcing Company.
  1. Choosing the correct module: As it is said different business has different requirement so here you have to choose a right module for your concern as per your business requirement.
  1. Pay for the module: Unlike in any software installment, here you will be paid only for those services for which you are intended, rather than paying for the whole available services. ‘Outsourced Bookkeeping’ charge differently for different modules.
  1. Supply the raw accounting data: The client company has two alternatives to provide necessary business data to the outsourcing company so that they can prepare the required ledger, books of accounts and financial statements. Any company after registration can send their handwritten paper records to ‘Outsourced Bookkeeping’ services. The client company also has the privilege to enter the business transactions online into the software.
  1. Printing the invoices and bills: The client has an additional option of printing the invoices and bills for their customers with the software help. In case you stuck with any type of issue at any time, you can give a call to the ‘Outsourced Bookkeeping’ support services. Its support team of trained professional is always ready to help you out by answering all your queries and concerns.

You can trust ‘Outsourced Bookkeeping’ for most of your day to day tax administration task and other accounting work. Ease your day by lightening the burden of the tedious routine tasks of your business. Get your hand on the key benefit Outsourcing through reduced overhead costs and enhanced profit.