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Success is going to elude you if you underestimate the significance of governance in outsourcing and change management. To minimize the risk of outsourcing risk-sharing contracts are also there to save your interest.

Every entrepreneur adopts the process of outsourcing with a view to getting some benefits. However, they fail to attain those outsourcing advantages not due to the ill-conceived objective but all because of the disorganization, which is the effect of poor planning and execution.

Outsourcing is a successful introduction to continuous changes in the traditional system. It is more of a sustainment of change. Outsourcing is not a one-time event. So making changes successfully to the process in a systematical manner is not at all easy in organizational leadership level of corporate management. So here we are going to focus on some commonly encountered problems which obstruct successful implementations of outsourcing.

Following the correct undermine changes can enable you to achieve expected results.

While you are going with the innovative agenda of getting outsourced, planning is highly necessary. Most of the outsourcing issue arises due to change in an outsourcing relationship. Often it has been noticed that within first 6-18 months organizations experience this type of issue due to technology, scope and business process change.

The Outsourcing Problems:

Most of the issue arises concerning the post-contract processes and decision rights. The clients and service providers sign a contract but that does not mean they are operationally ready to work together. There should be a clear understanding among both the parties about certain business implementation activities. Yes, the problem occurs when the decision rights and the new processes are not well-designed. For example, there should be a clear understanding regarding who will place request services from the client’s organization and who will be the right person at the provider’s side to take the service request.

The other significant problem is all about lack of buy-in by the person in charge of taking the outsourced services. Many times the leaders or the service providers in most of the outsourcing companies do not actively participate in the outsourcing evaluation and as a result, they cannot understand the unique service requirement for the particular unit in the organization.

In big outsourcing companies there are multiple teams who are in charge of managing the initial implementation activities. Sometimes due to poor support from client leaders receiving services, these outsourced staff cannot do their work properly as per their client’s request.

Another issue of outsourcing implementations is an outright lack of knowledge and infrastructure at the receiving end. The outsourced team may be too small to handle the volume and complexity of the client’s tax.

How to Resolve the Outsourcing Implementation Issues with a Right Solution:

To overcome the aforesaid problem the company may put some extra resources to manage the outsourcing implementation and ongoing operations. However again there is a possibility of not having the right skills required for their new roles.

At first glance, the problems listed may seem significant, but it can be readily resolved by taking proper care and diligence. So we suggest you recognize these issues well in advance and do necessary arrangements to continue a lasting successful business outsourcing relationship.

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