Office Management: Delegation Works

Office Management: Delegation Works

Set Yourself Free by start delegating the tasks on your table

Delegation of Tasks will free up your time and brain. You’ll actually be able to think, not just react. All of those interruptions and the discussions about the routine have trained your brain to stay in the grip of daily work. When you stop wandering in the routine chores, your brain can fill the void with a grand vision for your company.

Set Your Employees free by start delegating the tasks on your table

You’ve come to believe that those who report to you, might be inept, not capable, less-than-bright, or down-right stupid. You think you need to fire the whole lot. If you could shift your thinking just a little bit, you might find that they are completely whole, capable, smart, competent human beings who know what needs to done. You’ve somehow managed to convince them that you are the only one who has all the knowledge needed for them to complete their work. Using a different way to communicate, you’ll help them to think for themselves. They’ll learn, become creative, and stop being dependent on you. They’ll be free. So be a guide instead. Think of yourself in that way when they come to get your answers. Ask them what they think they need to do and how they’ll do it. Listen to what they have to say. Let go of your need to have things done just so. Encourage them, thank them, let them know how much you count on them to do the job right their way, not yours. You’ll be surprised at how smart and capable they are. Happy broad-picture thinking!

You might fail if you don’t figure this out and think broader.So, try it now.

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