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Proper and efficient accounting systems are seen as nice-to-have rather than must-have in SMBs including startups. A business company should have the entire infrastructure followed by a back-office and resources employed in the area of generating profit. Every business has a plan to utilize its resources effectively to make most of it. But there are situations where the business has to invest the fund in the activities which are not concerned directly with money generation; however, it has a tremendous impact on the business.

A proper bookkeeping service is quite necessary for a startup and small scale business. But many SMBs don’t follow reliable accounting services which may cause many undesirable losses and the missed income. The followings are some of the real business pain which a business enterprise faces to operate by not following a required bookkeeping service.

  • Delayed Accounts Payable

Accounts payable is the most significant activity in any business as it is concerned directly with money. To be successful in attaining business goal careful management of accounts is highly required. Accounts payable involves payment of the business debt to an outside party. When a business fails to meet the commitment it will face an ill-reputation in the market which directly affects the business and its profitability. Rather this may put the business in a real danger situation where the business fails to pay the legal fees and unable to meet the business compliances. Often late payment fees cause losing business opportunities and creditworthiness of the business. Thus a business loses its clientele in no time. A proper bookkeeping method should be implemented to deal with the accounts payable. A structured accounting payable service process through regular reconciliations and data integration will be more helpful.

  • Managing Accounts Receivable

Delay in receiving accounts payable may cause mismanagement of funds to be collected. A proper track on accounts receivable enables you collecting revenue without fail and also help to identify the slow-paying clients, default debtors, and the non-paying customers. A business owner should have control over his accounts receivable as lot many things depend on it. Careful methodical cash flow helps the management in taking all business crucial decision.

  • Accounts Information to Management

A business owner may not be a master in accounts and bookkeeping but should have an overall idea of business performance. This can only be possible when the entrepreneur gets into the accounts. An effective bookkeeping process can provide financial reports to educate business owners. The reports should not be technical so can be used by the management to measure the current financial performance and take remedial measure to overcome the issue.

  • Fraud

This is a practical scenario which is quite expected in any business. There is no method or rule to stop fraud. Business needs human intervention and their integrity cannot be trusted with closed eyes. So the only suggestible way is to ensure if all the financial data and accounts going in the right way. A regular oversight in the accounting department may save you from being cheating and deception. Proactive data monitoring is advisable to deal with your accounting affairs. A consist and transparent monitoring the bookkeeping area is a must to establish internal fraud control.

  • Planning for taxes

No business can skip from paying income tax. It is the liabilities and duty of the business owner. Proper tax management shouldn’t be a problem if it is planned well in advance. A smart business owner knows how to deal with it. Any miss out due to bad planning or organization by the accounting department may land you up in paying heavy penalty and loss of business reputation. Take the help of a professional vendor for all your tax preparation services needs.

All the aforesaid aspects should be considered and a right bookkeeping service should be implemented to keep your SMB financially healthy.

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