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Outsourcing payrolls can substantially reduce your workload and save a lot of time and money. It lets you take care of other important things and concentrate on the growth of your business. Hence, many companies are now turning to payroll outsourcing services.

This outsourced service can help you efficiently issue payrolls and maintain a detailed record of the same. Thus, saving your time and efforts of doing all of it by yourself and cancelling out the risk of errors.

However, it is important to consider the challenges while considering the benefits. Here are 5 common challenges companies face with payroll outsourcing.

1. Communication:

Communicating in a smooth manner is very important when outsourcing such an essential service. The details need to be perfect and updated constantly. However, if there is a language barrier between you and your service provider, then it can become very difficult to communicate properly.

This can happen if you have recently ventured into a new city and need payroll outsourcing there. In this case, you will have to make sure the language barrier does not lead to an inconsistent service.

There is a simple solution to this problem. If you have a language barrier, then it is always better to consult outsourced accounting services that can meet your communication needs. Make sure the provider can communicate fluently in English or your preferred language. However, English is spoken globally and is hence preferred.

2.Data security:

Payrolls are a vital part of any business. Hence, while choosing any service provider, make sure that your confidential and sensitive information is safe. Security breaches in this task can have severe consequences. Unauthorized users accessing your data, or your data being misused are major concerns and need to be avoided.

The solution to this issue is to ensure the identity and authenticity of your payroll service provider. Make sure they have appropriate policies that ensure the safety of your confidential data before handing over such sensitive information to a third-party service provider.

3.Time-efficient operation:

While processing payrolls, a lot of manual effort goes into entering and ensuring all correct details. Yet, it is still subject to human error, and any error in the payroll calculation means a lot more time will be needed to rectify it. That will lead to a delay in the entire process. However, there are better ways of doing that now.

There are many software systems in the market that are used in accounts payable services in order to help the team work faster and better. With these systems, all employee payments are issued on time along with calculating all taxes and deductions as well. The process that was hours long and tedious has become faster and easier.


The laws regarding taxation change constantly. Hence it is necessary to be aware of these laws and amendments in them in order to calculate liabilities and employee taxes correctly. These regulatory amendments need to be monitored closely. If not, there is a risk of huge penalties being levied.

There is only one way of making sure that your payrolls are being issued according to the current laws and guidelines. That is to choose the right outsourced bookkeeping services. Your outsourced service provider must have a piece of updated information on all rules and regulations regarding taxation. That is the only way to avoid errors and penalties.

5.Hidden costs:

Not choosing the appropriate service provider can lead to them charging extra on services like redeployments, upgrading software, and others. These extra costs are needed to be mentioned in the contract before initiating any service. If not, then you may need to terminate the contract or pay the extra charges.

To avoid this, make sure you make a thorough contract and your provider mentions all costs there so that you can plan your finances accordingly. It is important to choose the right accounts payable and accounts receivable services in order to avoid such scenarios and inconveniences.


It can be concluded that although there are some issues faced by companies in payroll outsourcing, they can be avoided and errors in operations can be corrected with small precautions.

But to avoid all of these issues, it is important to choose the right payroll outsourcing servicesFor example, consulting reputed service providers like Outsourced Bookkeeping can help you avoid all of these issues.

Equipped for all your needs, Outsourced Bookkeeping will take care of all your bookkeeping and accountancy needs without any errors or threats of security breaches.