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Cloud Based AP Automation is a system that facilitates the smooth management of account payable processes using cloud-based software. Cloud-Based servers are much more efficient than on-premise bookkeeping as they provide many advantages including reduced costs, computerised data importing and processing, enhanced security and data storage and backup.

The cloud is transforming how organisations run. Accounts payable is one instance where this is extremely clear. Because it provides numerous advantages that conventional, on-premises systems do not provide. Cloud-based AP automation is the next big trend in the Accountancy solution market space.

Since the data can be accessed from the cloud server from anywhere, it allows organisations to allow their employees to work remotely. In addition to the flexibility of work, it also lowers risk. Furthermore, it will reduce the likelihood of internal fraud. Automated outsourcing accounting is transforming the way of doing business.

The benefits of this cloud-based technology are as follows:

Lowered cost:

Lower expenses are one of the primary benefits of automation. Businesses have to purchase the hardware and software and pay for the installation and maintenance of on-premises systems. These expenses are not incurred with cloud-based systems since a third-party supplier provides the service.

The fact that this AP solution checks for duplicate invoices to prevent double payments means it will also result in real cost savings. You may also reduce budgeted spending on payroll costs because your finance employees are no longer required to perform manual data input.

Remote access:

Cloud-based AP automation also provides remote access at any given point in time, which is a major plus point. For companies with an accounts payable crew that works remotely or regularly travels, this is crucial. These personnel would not be able to access the system if they were not at the workplace using on-premises systems. They may benefit from remote access using cloud-based solutions from any location if they have an internet connection.

Enhanced security:

Cloud-based AP automation also offers the benefits of improved security and backups. Hardware malfunctions or natural calamities can cause data loss in on-premises systems. Data is remotely stored and hence not in danger of loss in the case of a disaster using cloud-based technologies.

Why choose Outsourced Bookkeeping?

The benefits of outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services are multifold.  For small enterprises, outsourced accounting offers complete accounting department experience. The services include and are not limited to, transaction coding, management of financial reports, accounts payables, receivables and several other services.

Such services allow businesses to cut costs on accounting and paying salaries to employees. It also eliminates the hassle of the recruitment and training process of the employees. Moreover, outsourced bookkeeping allows you to save time and resources. These resources can be allocated for expanding other departments such as marketing, operations, and human resources.

While outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping offer sizable benefits, outsourcing Accounts Payable to remote accounting firms specializing in cloud-based AP automation takes these benefits to a whole new level.

Cloud-based AP automation of bookkeeping and accounting services add value to your organisation and lets your business thrive by decreasing the management burden off of your shoulders. However, cloud-based AP automation is merely a tool which is as good as the hand that wields it. So having the right AP expertise with experience in leveraging Cloud-based AP automation is paramount to accrue any of the above benefits. If you are looking for a remote accounting firm with expertise in Cloud AP automation, we are glad we could be of great help.

Outsourced Bookkeeping – Best Remote Accounting Firm for Outsourced Accounts Payable Services:

If you are looking to upgrade your business by automating AP and taking your bookkeeping and accounting services off-premise, then you can start your search with us, at Outsourced Bookkeeping. As one of the leading accounting firms in the business, we are equipped with cutting-edge AP automation technology that delivers efficient and time-bound AP services with amazing accuracy and ROI.

We deliver customized AP services from the ground-up or can also utilize our tech stack and AP expertise to fill the existing gaps in your current AP process. In essence, as a dedicated remote accounting firm specializing in Outsourced Accounts Payable Services, we enable your business to accrue all the benefits at a fraction of the cost.

So if you are looking to outsource your Accounts Payable Services and cloud-based AP automation is your priority, Outsourced Bookkeeping is the best remote accounting firm in the market right now.

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