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Know How A US Winemaking & Distribution Company Doubled Their Revenue in One Year By Outsourcing Their Accounting Operations

Client: A wine company based in United States exports wine wholesale to businesses and retail to individual customers. Accounting challenge:  The wine business has been facing lot of accounting problems which seem to interfere with regular operations and financial performance of the business. Not having an adequate record of profit and loss accounts, balance sheet, scheduled […]

An Event Management Company Slashed Their AP processing Time by 60% With Our Remote Accounting Services

Client: An event management company based in Atlanta, GA, United States, provides comprehensive catering, floral, design and decor services to corporate, wedding and social events. They manage an average of 2000-2200 events every year and as a result, there are always in need of top-notch accounting work which they weren’t able to receive in past few […]

A Real Estate Company in New York Solves All their AP Digitization & Account Reconciliation Problems At A Fraction of Cost

A Real Estate Company in New York Solves All their AP Digitization & Account Reconciliation Problems At A Fraction of Cost

Client: A reputed real estate company headquartered in New York that is focused on acquiring, owning, and operating real estate assets in all major US real estate markets. The company employs 200-250 people and clocks in a revenue of $15M – $25M. Yet they are constantly plagued by stifling problems in Accounts Payable and Account […]

Accounting Outsourcing With Scale Factor Today

Accounting outsourcing is a done thing in today’s digital world. Many entrepreneurs feel wary of the idea in the first instance. It is needless to say that whether it is information technology or administrative tasks, outsourcing has its own benefits in a unique manner. To some, outsourcing may be a foreign idea but trust me; […]

Time Tracking For Salaried Employees

Small business has to think about every matter which affects the business and its productivity. There are several methods of payment followed in an organization to pay salary to the staff for their deliverables. May it be a piece-rate system, time wage system (hourly), monthly salary or sometimes project-wise. It has been seen when the […]

The Occurrence of Economic Downturns can not Affect Innovation in the Field of Accounting

The occurrence of economic downturns can not affect innovation in the field of accounting. The accounting industry is still dynamic. Every day new organizations are being established and the accounting professionals are in demand. No business can run without the help of accounting and bookkeeping services. Starting from bookkeepers, accountants and auditors there will be […]

Outsourced Bookkeeping Accounting in good hands

Outsourcing is not a new concept for the accounting industry. Due to its wide benefits, it’s getting popular among the community. The European countries and the United States, are pretty well familiar with the process.   It is nothing but the delegation of non-profitable business processes to specialist hand. The process of outsourcing is not […]

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