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Office Management: Delegation Works

Set Yourself Free by start delegating the tasks on your table Delegation of Tasks will free up your time and brain. You’ll actually be able to think, not just react. All of those interruptions and the discussions about the routine have trained your brain to stay in the grip of daily work. When you stop […]

Bookkeeping Tasks Done? Check!

I’m a huge fan of checklists and couldn’t live without them. They get me through my day and help me make sure I’m not forgetting something vital. It also saves me from a mountain of post-it notes and little “reminders” that get lost just when you need them. So, if you’re ready to get your […]

Tracking Expenses

Small business owners often wear many hats from head chef to chief bottle washer and everything in between. Bookkeeping is one of those many hats and one of the most important. Tracking accounts receivable and accounts payable are fairly simple but what about tracking all those varied and random expenses? Create a filing system for […]

Accounting Confusion: Meet PEDAD CLIC

Whether you keep your own books or outsource the bookkeeping to a dedicated professional, it’s important to have a good grasp on bookkeeping basics. We all know our bank account debits and credits but what about all those other accounts we use? Here’s a handy acronym to help you remember how to record transactions properly. […]

The Need for Accounting and Finance Services

Businesses from across the globe are starting to understand the value of outsourcing their non-core functions, such as accounting and finance services. Outsourcing these non-essential tasks allow organizations to keep their focus on more critical tasks so that the business can stay competitive, along with many other benefits that outsourcing has to offer. Today, CEO’s […]

Finance & Accounting Outsourcing

Outsourcing finance functions — like auditing, tax consulting and payroll processing — has been going on for many years. But today, companies increasingly are asking solution providers to manage business processes on more of a turnkey, full-service basis, rather than transnational or processing services. Suppliers like Exult and others lend credibility to the value that […]

Bank Reconciliation

  Bank reconciliations are no one’s favorite chore but they are very necessary.  Whether you have a staff accountant, use a computer program or keep your books by hand, reconciliations should be done promptly every single month to catch errors.  Even if you have strict controls in place, human errors can and often do occur. […]

Expert To Take Care Of Your Accounting Department

Every business organization has its success collectively dependent on financial, HR, and management department. If any of these departments slag behind in performance the success ratio of the company fall down. Financial department or rather call it as an accounting department is one where calculation of monetary transactions that took place over the span of […]