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8 Advantages of Online Bookkeeping for Small Business

Business is built on ideas of generating profits while weeding out inefficiencies and saving money. Small businesses are built on sound fundamentals of keeping input costs as low as possible while generating the highest return on investment possible. With growth and revenue on the upside, handling the accounting becomes a hassle in terms of resource […]

The Smarter Way to Outsource Accounting Bookkeeping

The accounting bookkeeping task is the most irritating and time-consuming activity for all the small businesses and CPA’s. So the entrepreneur can think about outsourcing the activities like accounts payable, bank reconciliations, accounts receivable, preparation of the financial statements, evaluation of profit, tax filing, keeping clients digital data record and financial reporting so as to […]

Accounting Confusion: Meet PEDAD CLIC

Whether you keep your own books or outsource the bookkeeping to a dedicated professional, it’s important to have a good grasp on bookkeeping basics. We all know our bank account debits and credits but what about all those other accounts we use? Here’s a handy acronym to help you remember how to record transactions properly. […]

Bank Reconciliation

  Bank reconciliations are no one’s favorite chore but they are very necessary.  Whether you have a staff accountant, use a computer program or keep your books by hand, reconciliations should be done promptly every single month to catch errors.  Even if you have strict controls in place, human errors can and often do occur. […]

How To Generate Payroll Summary Reports in Excel

You can easily analyze your payroll data in Excel: In QuickBooks choose Reports, Employees & Payroll, and then Summarize Payroll Data in Excel. Instructions will appear onscreen in Excel if you need to enable macros. Think of macros as custom programming embedded in an Excel workbook. QuickBooks ships with prebuilt Excel workbooks that contain the […]