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Most marketers choose outsourcing as the best alternative not only to reduce the cost of production but also to get an expertise skill for their business. Sometimes the in-house business environment is not able to provide you the same expertise what your business need. Again every business has a limited resources and manpower which may create a hindrance in the way for the timely accomplishment of the job. Intelligent marketers take help of greater infrastructure and advanced tools for their task. Thus with the help of outsourcing services a small scale organization can accomplish a task within the given frame of the deadline.


People prefer outsourcing to enhance their business productivity. They can avail advanced analytical equipment and other expertise by delegating the work to an external agent. Of course, it saves your money as well as time. As a result, you will get a better revenue and increased profit.

Generally, every mind thinks of the brighter part of the concept and ignores the dark area. Obviously, your organization will enjoy a better profitability, certain business benefits and can focus on its greater value adding activities. But is it enough to consider only the benefit of reducing overhead, increasing efficiency, better-skilled expertise, more profit, the benefit of a global knowledge base and getting access to skilled expertise?  Most people do not think about the business data security while going with the idea of outsourcing.

Security has the same the level of significance. So it is advisable for every marketer to spend some time exploring the feasibility and validity of the third party company. At first, you should see what the need of your business is. Whether your organization needs a full-time bookkeeper, in-house accountant or it can run with a part-time bookkeeper. You need to ascertain your budget for the same. After analyzing the entire possible alternative you can move on to the ultimate outsourcing solution.

Outsourced accounting services though sound like the best solution but has a certain drawback. Sending all your sensitive business financial information to a third-party, cannot be a wise decision at all.

So in order to protect your business from the unforeseen fears and to ensure the safety of your business data, it is good to double-sure whether the third party company is genuine or not. So it is better to take care of the things while dropping off your paperwork at a local accountant, sending the files electronically or using a cloud-based accounting service.

Nothing is more important than safeguarding your valuable electronic data. So you should focus on the security aspect of your financial records. The servers and other places where your business information are kept should be secured enough. Also, make sure who are entering the records area and what security measures are followed there.

It is important to know what measures are in place to monitor the location and dissemination of data.

Enquire a bit about what kind of encryption method the third party organization is following. Generally, 128-bit or 256-bit encryption is considered well and good. A fair encryption method prevents your business information from being retrieved in plain text through hackers.

Do not forget to find out what outsourced accounting service does with your secret business information after finishing your required accounting tasks. Whether they destroy them after giving you copies or keep them for a specific period of time.

It is significant to see what kind of secured network is in place. A low network security can allow the hackers to attempt to access the computers, network servers, as well as other devices to gain access to your valuable financial data.

Now reading the article you can get a clear cut picture of what and all are the security measures to be considered while selecting an Outsourcing company to delegate your accounting burden. Outsourced Bookkeeping is a trusted player in the digital market. It provides you a high-level security with greater infrastructure arrangements.

So from the security point of view, you can blindly trust Outsourced Bookkeeping as it is furnished with Dual Monitor Workstations, Online UPS with backup Power Generator along with Internet connectivity of 16 Mbps.

Outsourced Bookkeeping is more concerned about the critical and confidential data of their client and that is the reason it follows Firewalls installed and continuous Antivirus updating on server and workstations.

All the staff force has been properly trained to comply with the security policy of the company. The company restricted access by unwanted persons. Only authorized personnel are permitted to access the financial data.

Outsourced Bookkeeping also follows a very good Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan for the safeguard of your financial information. Outsourced Bookkeeping’s regular audit programmed includes Network security, Local security, and Vulnerability assessment.

In a nutshell, this client centric organization provides a healthy controlled environment with utmost security. Outsourced Bookkeeping tries its level best to provide optimal benefits to its customers to make them happy.