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Maintaining a healthy cash flow is imperative for every competitive business firm. Working with a healthy capital amount allows a business to invest more efficiently and also clear out debts and payments on time. However, achieving this aspect can be more complicated than it seems.

Operating in the present commercial space, there is always an issue with delayed payment that cripples a business’ ability to achieve its financial goals. Therefore, relevant strategies must be implemented that ensure invoices are paid on time. Here are three popular routes that you can employ in your business to get your invoices paid sooner:


  • Offer Early Payment Incentives: Many businesses use Payment incentives to encourage customers to pay their invoice payment receipts sooner or at least on time. By payment incentives, a business offers a discount on cash if they pay the moment the order is made or a discount on the payment made before the due date. Payment incentives are a fantastic way to motivate your customers to prioritize your invoices over others. Not only does it create a stronger working capital position for you and your business, but it also helps in maintaining positive customer relationships. It helps initiate an environment of trust which emphasizes a long-lasting relationship between you and your client. An example of payment incentives would be a 10% discount if the payment is made within 25 days of the invoice issue date.
  • Implement an Efficient Invoicing and Follow-Up Process:  Install a system that streamlines your whole invoicing and follow-up process. This ensures that your invoice automation process is clear and is sent quickly to the clients. This helps reduce any discrepancy when it comes to invoice generation while making sure that proper communication exists between you and your customer.There is a lot of software in the market that you can use to generate invoices electronically and set up automated reminders to notify your customers as and when their due date approaches. You can customize the software and set up reminders according to your business needs. This helps the business stay on track and significantly reduces the risk of payment delays.
  • Offer Multiple Payment Options: There might be cases where customers might give silly reasons for non-payment. They may range from ‘there is a cash deficit right now’ to ‘you do not offer payment services through net banking or UPI’. Hence, make sure that your business offers payments through all payment services. With the advent of technology and banking, many new payment services, like digital wallets, electronic fund transfers, bitcoins, etc., have been established. It helps provide your customers with a diverse range of options that they can use to make their payments. This reduces the chances of any delays in payment due to non-accessibility. The whole payment process becomes user-friendly while at the same time ensuring that you receive your payment on time, which will speed up the invoice processing.The flexibility and convenience that your business offers them with such diverse payment options is appreciated by many businesses. This might even lead to increased customer loyalty and perhaps even retention.

Bonus tips

  • Clear Communication: Create an open, clear, and direct line of communication with your customers. This makes it easy for them to approach you in case of a problem regarding anything, from invoice collection, payment, due dates, or any other potential issue. At the same time, ensure that these queries and problems are addressed as soon as they pop up, preventing them from becoming major problems and avoiding any payment delays.
  • Terms and Conditions: Before entering into any partnerships or deals with clients, convey your terms and conditions. A clear policy regarding Payment Terms and Conditions will help your clients understand where you stand regarding prompt payments and accounts receivable practices. Your payment conditions and terms should include clear adherence to due dates policies, any late payment penalties, and relevant details that your customers should know.

Final Overview:  In summary, getting your invoices paid sooner does not involve a single strategy but collaborative teamwork of diverse people from different departments. You need proper coordination from your sales, marketing, and admin departments to offer early payment incentives, invoicing and follow-up process details, and multiple payment options.Hence, by employing such strategies, you can maintain an effective communication line while accelerating any payment timelines. This will help improve your cash flow and, eventually, your financial position.If you are looking for specialized companies that offer premium accounts receivable services, then Outsourced Bookkeeping is the one for you. Outsourced Bookkeeping is an elite back-office accounting firm that offers various offerings from financial accounting, bookkeeping, and accounting.

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