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The latest study speaks only 30% of the American businesses use an external accountant, while the other still rely on in-house staff for their bookkeeping task. I have been seen many financial managers and their accounting staff do not have a clear idea and concept of a balance sheet, depreciation, risk, cash flow, and capital structure.


Often it happens the in-house staff is not capable enough to deal with all bookkeeping activity. So the best solution to the issue is to hire an external quickbooks online bookkeeper or delegate the accounting task to an outsourced company.

However many business houses hesitate to do so. They find it difficult and risky to go for external accountants to manage their bookkeeping task. The reason behind the issue is clear and simple.


  • The Cost Issues
  • Lack of  Awareness


Cost Issues: Almost all the startup perceives outsourcing accounting too expensive for small and middle scale business. Unfortunately, these business owners are unaware of the industrial fact.  There is an abundance of the competitive labor force in some countries. You can capitalize the great talent in a very inexpensive way. Through taking the offshore help you can have your hands on the expert services. Besides that, you will get ample of free time to refocus on your business and clientele. You can build better customer relationships by nurturing client facing. You can work on the strategies like sales and advice and other value-added services. This is the best way to help your business to grow more quickly.

Lack of  Awareness: Secondly these business houses do not know what they are losing. They are killing their own opportunities to grow. The entrepreneur should identify their business requirement and act accordingly to make better business decisions. The business owner should see which business tasks are more time consuming and if the organization can shift the responsibility to an expert hand. Almost every business face the same problem of maintaining bookkeeping and accounting task in the basics of financial fitness. The finance and accounting task is really monotonous and no way related to the business strategic plan. Though it is important the business does not carried out with the intention to maintain accounts information.

You can reap most important benefits by implementing outsourcing accounting functions to your business. This will bring you many advantages like:


  • Improved Profitability
  • Reduced Costs
  • Minimize Risk
  • Faster Business Decisions
  • High level of accuracy
  • Avoiding tax processing penalties
  • Better control over the business
  • Cost-effective services
  • Better business data security
  • Benefits of the latest technology
  • Fraud Check


Try to be more proactive and add value to your clients. Customers are the king. No business can flourish without keeping its clientele happy. So free yourself from the regular day to day task and put efforts in making a good interpersonal relationship and building a business reputation.

Outsource your bookkeeping and accounting services to Outsourced Bookkeeping and get yourself free from the task of the routine business activity. We are not very expensive. You can reduce your business operating cost by curtailing the expenses like salaries to in-house accountants, their training and recruitment expenses and other perks and benefits to them.

We promise you a better policy, procedures, infrastructure, and technologies in the field of finance. This will enable you to take improved timely business decisions.

While keeping records of accounting and bookkeeping activity, you cannot effort to make errors. Accuracy is the most vital thing here. Any small error can lead you to a big disaster. often you need to pay penalties and interest charges for noncompliance of certain regulations. Litigation expenses and fines are too higher to reduce your business profit. Delegating the task to an expert hand can limit the risk of losses to a great extent.

We have a team of skilled accounting professional to handle your customized request. You will get a 100% accuracy level in your task. Apart from that, you can get the assistance of expert advice to implement something innovative to your existing business, which is quite needed nowadays to be at the top of your competitors list.